Barley’s Training Log 11.22.15

File this under weeks that finished way better than they started.

Race week + Head Cold + PMS = Rage Week.ย As much as I didn’t want to, I knew I needed rest days this week. I do know full well that there is no fitness to be gained in the week leading up to a race, but it’s hard not to feel like I’m LOSING that fitness. Irrational fear of losing my run fitness because of two days on the couch- sounds about right. The man kept telling me to stop worrying and just lay down, I’ve been go go go and obviously my body is saying ENOUGH and get some damn rest. So, I did.

Wednesday I finally felt closer to human and decided I would run after work, much needed for my mind AND my legs. I also took time Wednesday to start some weekend prep (to-do lists, directions, hotel confirmations, etc.) which mentally puts my nerdy OCD self at ease.

The rest of the week was easy running, and getting ready for travel. It was a great weekend with my guy, bebopping around Philly and exploring a bit. We also got to spend some time with a few friends which just made it even more of a fun weekend- sharing the experience. Sunday’s race went even better than expected and happy to come home with a huge personal best. Much more on that to come on another day though ๐Ÿ˜‰


Monday: Half day of work/Half day of couch potato sleeping

Tuesday: Full day of work/ Full evening of eating and sleeping

Wednesday: Track workout.ย 7.5 miles total (2 x 1 mile @T, 2 x 800m, 1 x400m, 4 x 100m)

Thursday: Easy 6+ after work, 65 degrees…

Friday: 6 AM 6+ mile easy run.

Saturday: 30 Minute Hotel treadmill run

Sunday: 1.5 mile warm-up, Philadelphia Half Marathon

Week Totals:ย 38.5 Miles

Beers Drank: Yuengling Lager (Can’t get any fresher than drinking it in Philly)

A new mom and Upstate, NY resident who loves the marathon, a good beer, and all of the numbers/nerdy things. I write about my journey to a sub-3:00 marathon, training tweaks for improvement, and finding that "running/life balance" unicorn. On tap Next: Maneuvering through motherhood and postpartum running!

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