Barley’s Training Log – 11.8.15

Going into this fall, I knew I was going to face some training hurdles (planned & unplanned). First off, it’s part of life and secondly I knew that two marathons within 4 weeks was going to be very new territory for me. Back in September (feels like forever ago) I went for it at my goal race (Erie Marathon) and nailed my goals (sub-3).

Recovering from a big goal race, months of hard training, and also bouncing back from the “recovery week food tour” is always a challenge. This time, there was a recovery hurdle- I’d be running Chicago marathon just 4 weeks later. I had never been so happy that I scheduled my goal race first, so I could pace my best friend at Chicago (through the Saucony 26 Strong project) without stressing. I didn’t know how recovery from Chicago would go though for a few reasons. Being my second marathon in four weeks was the obvious factor, with the other not-so obvious factor being…I had never ran for over 4 hours before, ever.

Bouncing back came easier than I thought it would, but I also didn’t put any pressure on myself. I ran when I wanted, and didn’t run if I didn’t feel like it. Strength and cross training were non-existent (unless you count moving, because that IS a workout!). I ran a few 5k’s for fun and ended up doing really well in them (2 wins (19:07,19:05), a 4th place(18:55)) which was most likely due to light training (fresh legs) and also the whole ‘no stress’ thing. I was very much in the “whatever happens, happens” mindset.

Now that it has been a few weeks since Chicago, I feel like I’m actually training again. My next race is Philadelphia half marathon on November 22. I decided a few weeks ago to register, because my half marathon PR is definitely disproportionate to my other PR’s. For reference, my current marathon PR pace is 6:48, and my current half marathon PR pace is 6:46.

That brings us to the last two weeks of training. I have 1-2 workouts each week mixed in with easy miles and finishing the week with a long run. While I am not diving back into training head first just yet, it’s important for me to have at least a little structure to my week. Without structure I flail, when I flail in training I tend to overdo or underdo everything which is a recipe for burnout/lost fitness/injury.

This was a busy week of life and work which meant shifting some things around but in general it was a good week.  I want to run more days a week to get the consistency and base back so I can’t complain about 6 days this week. Thursday I just surrendered to life a bit and running took a back seat, I missed my run as well as a 40% boot sale at Target- I’ll live, I think.

Monday: 5ish easy miles after work
Tuesday: 6ish mile Fartlek after work
Wednesday: (Evening gym session) 30 minutes recovery running on treadmill + core/yoga
Thursday: Unplanned rest day #Life
Friday: 7 miles with 5 tempo after work
Saturday: Easy + Costume 5k (for fun, not time) Running in JORTS!
Sunday: 16ish mile long run
Week totals: 43 miles, 15 minutes core/yoga

Beers Drank: Sam Adams Octoberfest, Lake Placid Black Tie, Magic Hat Wihelm Scream

Lost long cheesing, tempo time, and obviously running in Jorts for fun


This week was a good week to think of as a ‘fresh start’. The craziness of last week was over, and I felt like I could commit to being better about my goals/to-do lists this week.  Also, the weather has been unseasonably warm (not complaining). My main goals for the week were to get all my planned runs in, and actually get 3-4 strength/core sessions in. Consistency with running and strength are really important to me. Even if it means 10-15 minutes here and there- it’s better than nothing.

Toddler time with nephew, trackwork in the dark, post tempo doggy time, core work

Monday: (Evening gym session) 4 mile treadmill recovery run + 25 minutes core/weights, 10 minutes yoga at home afterwards
Tuesday: Afternoon run in SHORTS & a TANK TOP (how is this NOVEMBER?). 60 Degrees and sunny, add in some fantastic fall foliage and I had pretty good setting for a tempo run. 9.25 Miles total (1 mile warm-up, 2 miles steady state, 5 @ HMP, 1.25 cool down)
Wednesday: AM: 20 Minutes Elliptical, 30 Minutes core & upper body weights. PM: 6ish mile recovery run with a friend at a local park, taking advantage of 70 DEGREES! Yoga and foam rolling in the evening later.
Thursday: 12 x 200m at the track, 5+ miles total including warm-up/cool-down
Friday:  3.5 recovery miles at the track (didn’t feel like dealing with traffic) + 7 x 100m strides
Saturday: 2+ mile warm-up, 5k race (18:46, a new PR! 3rd place) + a few hours of raking leaves and chasing a toddler around (totally counting this as cross training 😉
Sunday: 16+ mile long run, this was relaxed and consistent pacing which was the main goal. Enjoyed the nice fall weather and 2 hours of me and my own thoughts.
Week totals: 50.5 miles running, 20 minutes cross training, 1:17 of core/strength/yoga

Beers Drank: Guinness

A new mom and Upstate, NY resident who loves the marathon, a good beer, and all of the numbers/nerdy things. I write about my journey to a sub-3:00 marathon, training tweaks for improvement, and finding that "running/life balance" unicorn. On tap Next: Maneuvering through motherhood and postpartum running!

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    1. Definitely has been fun! Haha Jorts = Jean shorts. Basically I run this costume 5k every year as an excuse to have fun dressing up like an idiot and run in something I definitely wouldn’t normally. This year my friend and I decided Lumberjacks in Jorts was a good option 🙂 Previous Costumes: Thing 1/Thing 2 in gigantic mens red long johns with my sister, Ballerina with big tutu, Tom cruise ala risky business, Little red riding hood (capes suck running!), Synchronized swimmers, Trolls.