Barley’s Training Log 1/15/18-1/28/18

While I have been training consistently and building since the fall, these were arguably the best two weeks I have strung together in 18+ months. It’s not even about the mileage, more so just feeling the consistency pay off, sticking to routine but also adjusting when the routine changes (because that is life!). I’ve also been able to get outside for some more runs the last few weeks which is really helpful-I love the treadmill but I love being able to run outside too.

January 15-January 21

This was a good week that actually just about every day went as planned except maybe Sunday. I got all my key runs/workouts in before Saturday night so we could enjoy my big work event and not worry (also our first overnight without Hannah). Let’s be honest here, it’s a damn good thing I didn’t have a long run to do Sunday morning and probably also good I didn’t have to put my mom hat back on until like 3pm.

Monday: 5 easy miles (8:23 avg) TM @ 0-2%
Tuesday: 10 miles (7:06 avg) w/ 3 x 1.5 (6:35avg), 4 x 400 (5:55 avg) + 19 minutes Jasyoga
Wednesday: Late PM 5 Snowy miles (8:35 avg) + 12 minutes yoga
Thursday: Late PM 5 snowy/icy miles (8:33 avg)
Friday: 8 miles (6:59 avg) w/ 6 x 1k @ 5:58 avg
Saturday: 15 mile LSD on the mill (8:10)
Sunday: 2 recovery miles with pepper (9:34)
Week Total Mileage: 50 miles
Total fitness/strength time: 46 minutes
Beers Drank: Guinness (boring on my beers lately!) [the Guinness was a night cap…after wine & manhattans all night…oof]
Baby Milestones: Tooth coming in more, perfection of ‘dada’, planking, mobile & first overnight with my parents (yeah, it was a big week for her!)

January 22-January 28

This week was shifted around a little with schedule changes but still shook out to be a good week and got what I wanted done. I normally would leave more than 1 day between my workouts but I made sure to take my Thursday recovery miles super easy to rest up. I think my favorite run of the week though was Sunday- my first long run outside since Christmas eve. I needed the two hours solo, of fresh air, sunshine and hills! I went faster than planned but at no point felt like I was maxing out or anything- it was controlled and comfortable so I went with it!

Monday: Late night 3.6 mile outdoor recovery run (8:51 avg) + 5 x strides (5:37 avg)
Tuesday: Late night 6 treadmill miles (8:28 avg)
Wednesday:ย  8 Miles total (6:55 avg) w/ 3 x 1 mile cruise (6:17), 5 x 400 (88 avg)
Thursday: Early Morning treadmill recovery miles (8:36 avg)
Friday: 9 outdoor miles total w/ 8 x 800 @ 2:59 avg.
Saturday: 4 STROLLER miles (8:23 avg)
Sunday: 16 Sunny hilly solo long run miles (7:38 avg) [791 ft gain]
Week Total Mileage: 53 Miles
Beers Drank: A Milk Stout (I’m on a hunt to find the name, I thought I remembered and I don’t!- it was good though! A Long Island beer I think?)
Baby Milestones: Now attempting to pull herself up on things, had to lower the crib & remove the mobile

This week it’s time for a step-back week! I haven’t had one in a while and even though I feel good I know this is a good turning point to take one before I get back on the training/building coaster.

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