Barley’s Return to Running Log 7/25-7/31(+Camp!)

Whew! Last week was all over the place, quite literally! Between work, running, concert-going, and Salty camp- I think I really covered all of my bases last week. It’s all about balance, or something like that. I mean, that is what I told myself Saturday morning after my workout in Ohio when I ate like 12 pieces (no joke) of Bacon, but had a side of Greek yogurt. BALANCE.salty camp 2

Okay, really though it was a good week all around but it just left me a bit more tired than I have been in a while! I ran more than I have been, I slept less than I have been- but I wouldn’t change a thing. Coach took the training wheels off a bit this week as I have been base building and now can be more in an actual “training state”. I am not coming off of an injury, so it’s easier for me to get back into workouts and think about the fall and what I want to do without worrying as much. I mean, let’s be real I still worry about the road back to being in the shape I was- but not so much that I let it consume me.

I could write a post in itself about Salty Camp. I mean, it was amazing getting a group of us together for a weekend to run, chat, learn things, drink, eat and generally be freaking merry! It was great to put voices and faces to names and spend time getting to know everyone more. I am really lucky to have an amazing group of friends through Salty Running, something that definitely became more real this weekend. I’m already excited for camp next year, and hope we can get even more people to come join in on the fun!

Monday: Active recovery day involving 40 minutes of EASY biking after work and 15 minutes up core/upper body strength training

Tuesday: Chiro appointment in the morning, hot 6 milerun after work with some yoga before bed

Wednesday: Treadmill workout (95 degrees out), with 5 x 6 minutes at Tempo with 3 minutes recovery. I got it done, but this was humbling as my tempo pace is FAR slower than before. I know it will come back but, I’m being mindful that it was bothering me a bit. I also did about 20 minutes of strength training at home before bed.

Thursday: Lunchtime Chiro appointment working on hips/hamstring, 4 hot recovery miles with a friend, and then spent the night dancing and singing with Brian at the Little Big Town/Luke Bryan Concert.

Friday: EARLY morning left around 5 AM for SALTY CAMP! The drive was easy peasy getting there with little traffic and lots of coffee. Salty and I ran 6 miles together around lunchtime just chatting away on the towpath. Later in the evening I went for a 2.5ish mile hike with Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Poppy and Pesto. We walked to Brandywine falls which were gorgeous, I also climbed/straddled a fallen tree at one point- extra core work?

Saturday: Morning humid run on the Towpath again, with 4 x 3 minute ~6:25 pace and then 4×400 at a little over 6:10 pace (was ย supposed to be faster but didn’t happen). Total of a little less than 9 miles. I did a little yoga/stretching later in the day while Pimento did her core work.

Sunday: Morning run with Salty and Dill for the first 6 miles, and then I ran about 5 more solo. Longest run since Boston! Then said goodbyes to campers and headed home so I could get back in time for work.

salty camp 1Weekly Total Running Miles: 45.3 miles

Cross Training: Bike (9.1 miles), Hiking (2.5 miles)

Strength/Fitness Totals: 4 Sessions (57 Minutes)

Beers Drank: Leines Summer Shandy, Traveller Lemon Shandy, Sam Adams Porch Rocker, Shock Top Lemon Shandy, Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald

A new mom and Upstate, NY resident who loves the marathon, a good beer, and all of the numbers/nerdy things. I write about my journey to a sub-3:00 marathon, training tweaks for improvement, and finding that "running/life balance" unicorn. On tap Next: Maneuvering through motherhood and postpartum running!

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