Barley’s Pregnancy Training Log 2/13-2/19/17

A super slow week here with regards to working out, but with some good reasons…and also because I’m 25+ weeks pregnant and sometimes just don’t want to(and that’s cool:) ).

The week priorย I had my 1 hour glucose test which I failed with flying colors- which left me with the 3 hour test this week. Isn’t that how you spend Valentines day? So Tuesday morning (after fasting all night) I sat for 3+ hours and had my blood drawn 4 times- needless to say by the time I was done all I wanted was food, and sleep. I rested most of the afternoon but was still feeling a bit off in the evening so figured no workouts or anything was for the best. Wednesday I got my usual afternoon time with my nephews, which is always a highlight of my week!

By Thursday I was feeling a bit better all around. My energy had picked up from the weekend and Tuesday’s Glucose test, and I woke to the news that by some miracle I passed my 3 hour glucose test(my levels were so high after the 1 hour test that we really didn’t expect to pass the 3 hour). That was a huge weight off my shoulders, the worry and anxiety I had was admittedly pretty high while waiting to hear. I still need to make some small changes, but ones that I know are important and will help me in the long run. Specifically- I have always been pretty bad about not eating consistently throughout the day. I always finish the day with around the same amount of calories- but they come in big chunks at a time usually. This is something that even in marathon training would get me- and I knew it but never took the time to change it. I might get busy and go hours without eating, and then binge when I finally did eat. This causes unnecessary drops and spikes in blood sugar which isn’t healthy.

The weekend weather was AMAZING. I got outside for the first time in months! I overdid it a little bit though, with regards to just being a VERY active weekend. Saturday morning I spent a few hours cleaning, then ran, and then went to work on my feet all night where it was super busy. Sunday we ran errands and I opted not to run (even though it was gorgeous) because I was still feeling a bit drained from Saturday and had to work again Sunday night. I didn’t like the feeling of overdoing it Saturday- and it made my little lady far less active which I REALLY didn’t like. So I’m being extra cautious about days that I work on my feet . {Little lady is back to being rambunctious in my stomach and running circles around and kicking- she just needed some extra sleep and extra time of me laying down and taking it easy}

Week of 2/13-2/19 (ย 24/25 weeks pregnant)
Monday: –
Tuesday: Happy Valentines Day!- No workout, recovering from 3hr OGTT
Wednesday: Work+ Babysitting Nephews
Thursday: –
Friday: –
Saturday: 2.4 mile run + LONG night at work getting my ass kicked
Sunday: Evening at work on feet
Totals: 2.4 miles run

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