Barleys PostPartum Training Log Weeks 1-7 (Maternity Leave)

Whew! Been a while since I checked in with a training log. In my first and second trimesters I was able to workout here and there without much issue- I just simply didn’t have the strong desire. At the end of my second trimester I was told to stop running as I was struggling with SPD. I can talk about that more another time though. My third trimester was an adventure to say the least, ending with the entrance of Hannah Elizabeth.

I’m still working on Hannah’s birth story post, it’s harder than I thought it would be!

The quick version of Hannah’s entrance is that I had an emergency C section 5 weeks before her actual due date. It was a Saturday morning, and due to her being small & preemie she wouldn’t come home with us until the following Saturday. Needless to say- activity that week was NOT in the cards nor was it even a thought in my mind.

{I’m terribly attached to my weeks starting on Monday’s, so the weeks PP will be slightly off- sorry!}

Week 1
Saturday 4/29 – Hannah’s Birthday via C-section
Sunday 4/30- My first postpartum mandated walk around the floor by the nurses.
Monday 5/1- Still in the Hospital with Hannah
Tuesday 5/2- Discharged from hospital, as Hannah was being put into an incubator
Wednesday 5/3- Visiting Hannah all day
Thursday 5/4- Visiting Hannah all day
Friday 5/5- Visiting Hannah all day
Saturday 5/6- Hannah’s Homecoming!
Sunday 5/7- First full day at home as a family!

Week 2
Monday 5/8-
Tuesday 5/9-
Wednesday 5/10-
Thursday 5/11-
Friday 5/12- 0.6 mile walk around the block with the stroller
Saturday 5/13- 1.9 mile family stroller walk
Sunday 5/14-

Totals: 2.5 miles walked

Week 3
Monday 5/15- 1 mile walk to and from the sub shop to pick up dinner
Tuesday 5/16-
Wednesday 5/17- 0.8 mile afternoon walk with Britt, 0.8 mile evening family walk
Thursday 5/18-
Friday 5/19-
Saturday 5/20-
Sunday 5/21-

Totals: 2.6 miles walked

The first 3 weeks were really low key obviously, that was very much intentional. We had a newborn at home and lots of things to adjust to. I was also still in recovery mode from the C-section. After that though I really started to get out a lot more for walks. The fresh air, time out of house, and time with Hannah in the stroller was good for all of us.

Week 4
Monday 5/22- 3.3 mile stroller walk with Amber
Tuesday 5/23-
Wednesday 5/24- 3.7 mile stroller walk
Thursday 5/25-
Friday 5/26- 1.5 mile stroller walk
Saturday 5/27- 4 mile family stroller walk
Sunday 5/28- 2 mile family stroller walk

Totals: 14.5 miles walked

Week 5
Monday 5/29-
Tuesday 5/30- 2.8 mile stroller walk
Wednesday 5/31- 1.7 mile stroller walk
Thursday 6/1- 2.7 mile stroller walk
Friday 6/2- 3.6 mile stroller walk + 6 minutes Yoga
Saturday 6/3-
Sunday 6/4- 2.7 mile stroller walk

Totals: 13.5 miles walked, 6 minutes fitness/yoga/strength

After the fifth week my doctor and I talked and she gave me the green light to add in some yoga, light strength training and cross training. I was very happy to start doing this and also working on incorporating PT exercises to get stronger postpartum/postcesarean.

Week 6ย 
Monday 6/5- 40 minutes PiYo
Tuesday 6/6- 20 Minutes Lower Body PiYo
Wednesday 6/7- 20 minutes Upper Body PiYo + 3.8 mile walk
Thursday 6/8-
Friday 6/9- 35 minutes PiYo + 10 minutes PT/Loop Band exercises
Saturday 6/10- 20 minutes PT/Loop Band/Kettlebell exercises + 4 mile walk
Sunday 6/11-

Totals: 7.8 miles walked, 2:25 fitness/yoga/strength

I did a lot of PiYo this week because it’s a great blend of stretching and strengthening without the impact. I thought it was a good way to get back into things without putting a ton of stress on the body. It really helped me jumpstart things physically and mentally getting into somewhat of a routine again.

Week 7
Monday 6/12- 2.9 mile walk + 10 minutes PT/Loop Band Exercises
Tuesday 6/13- 40 minutes Elliptical + 15ย minutes PT/Loop Band/Kettlebell exercises
Wednesday 6/14- 2.7 mile walk with Amber & Jess + 10 minutes PT/Loop Band Exercises
Thursday 6/15-
Friday 6/16- OB Follow up- ALL ACTIVITY A GO!
Saturday 6/17-3.2 mile RUN + 1.1 mile c/d walk + 2.9 mile evening walk
Sunday 6/18- 15ย minutes PT Exercises/Stretching

Totals: 40 minutes Elliptical, 50 minutes fitness, 3.2 miles Run, 9.6 miles walked

Week 7 was also my last week of maternity leave, so returning to running coincides with my return to work. Talk about really diving in!

Overall I was really happy with the activity I did over maternity leave. My primary focus was on Hannah. Feeding her, getting her rest, doing what SHE needed. I loved my time with her and also loved that I was able to do things like get out and walk with her. She loves the stroller and I think the fresh air was good for all of us, I couldn’t sit in the house all day without going crazy!

My personal theory and goal for getting back into fitness routine and finding my new normal, is roots before branches. I’m a new mom, I had a major surgery and life as we know it is so different. That means I have to approach things differently and my priorities have also shifted. I’m excited to be on the upswing and getting back to things but a base and consistency in life and fitness is my first goal. I’ll branch out after some time but right now the focus is on good roots.

A new mom and Upstate, NY resident who loves the marathon, a good beer, and all of the numbers/nerdy things. I write about my journey to a sub-3:00 marathon, training tweaks for improvement, and finding that "running/life balance" unicorn. On tap Next: Maneuvering through motherhood and postpartum running!

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