Barley’s Postpartum Training Log Week 23

Something about the last few weeks has me starting the weeks slow and then piling my miles into the last 4 of 5 days of the week. It’s not necessarily planned, it just seems to be consistently happening. Whether it be unseasonably warm days, job interviews, busier schedules, or just opting for family time…getting runs or workouts in on those days seems to be more of a challenge for me or simply just the days I’m making a conscious choice NOT to do something.

So my running week started on Thursday, I had every intention of running Wednesday but had some pretty bad bouts of vertigo on and off and figured probably best to lay low. I did go to the doctor on Thursday just to make sure everything was okay, was told to just be careful and play things by ear (I cannot take the medication for it, because Hannah is drinking my milk). It got better as the week went on which was good. Postpartum changes are fun y’all.

Mid-week I started looking around for upcoming races though, as I want to do a 2-3 5k’s this month and then try to “race” a local 5k on November 4th (where my current PR is). I won’t be in PR shape, but think I have a good shot with a fast field to try and inch my way back below 20 and potentially closer to 19. My friends kids were running a 5k at their school, and I ended up jumping in that on Saturday morning for some practice. It was rainy dreary morning, but comfortable temps for running actually. I was happy to come in a hair over 20 minutes. It was over a 30 second improvement from my first postpartum 5k back in August.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest- Yay vertigo!
Thursday: 3.2 Stroller miles (8:57 avg)
Friday: ย 6 easy evening miles (8:45 avg) + 6 x strides
Saturday: {AM} Devil Dash 5k (20:09) {PM} 3.6 recovery miles (8:45 avg)
Sunday: 13.5 mile easy LR with my sister (8:45 avg)
Week Totals: 30.8 miles run
Beers Drank: It was a wine kind of week

Goals for next week: Not wait until Wednesday to run or workout, get back into habit of PT/Loop bands, stay on top of hydration!

The next few weeks are going to be a bit nutty as I wrap up my current full time job, and prepare for the transition for my new job (YAY!). I’m going to have slightly longer hours than I currently do, and less flexibility- so we are going to be working on shifting Hannah’s schedule a bit too. It could be an interesting few weeks to say the least. I’m hoping to stay consistent as possible with running/training as it helps me mentally- but priorities are definitely shifted at the moment (and that’s A-OK).

In Hannah’s “training for life” workouts this week, she rolled over for the first time! She’s showing AWESOME head and neck control, and she’s still the cutest baby ever. Not bias. Not at all.

A new mom and Upstate, NY resident who loves the marathon, a good beer, and all of the numbers/nerdy things. I write about my journey to a sub-3:00 marathon, training tweaks for improvement, and finding that "running/life balance" unicorn. On tap Next: Maneuvering through motherhood and postpartum running!

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  1. Oh, she’s totally the cutest (cuz mine are older now ๐Ÿ˜‰ No kidding though, the vertigo sounds AWful. I have really low blood pressure, and if I didn’t hydrate like crazy while nursing AND keep my salt intake up, dizziness ruled the roost. Which was a total pain of course, b/c it necessitated way more trips to the rest room.
    Great job on your 5K! They are so fun, and how cool for the kiddos to see you go so fast! I’m excited for my November race as well- this will be the first one I enter with my 8 y.o., and it’s a thrill. I’m guessing Hannah will be in the pack soon enough ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you Colleen!!! My blood pressure has always been a bit on lower side, and I think that combined with other things causing the vertigo like you said. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t gotten sick or nauseous I just have the spins and have to sit down or if I’m standing occasionally feel like I’m gonna fall over (haha no big deal!!!). upping hydration definitely helps though, and seems to be improving!

      Awe I love that your 8 YO is running a race with you, 5k? That’s so fun and yes I look forward to sharing race experiences with Hannah by my side, even just having her at the finish is so fun!

  2. Still dying of cute. I just want to take a nibble out of her! Doing a few low-stakes races sounds like a good way to get back into the swing of racing.
    What’s the new job? Good luck with all the transitions!!

    1. I basically joke about taking a bite out of her thigh rolls daily- and usually end up pretending to with growling noises because it sends her giggling for 15 minutes.

      New job is working for another financial planning firm, very similar to what I do now but a little less on the compliance aspect then I do now. Client relations manager is my official title. Much bigger firm, much bigger client base- lots of room for growth!