Barley’s Postpartum Training Log Week 12

Last week was tough with an overly busy schedule, which made it hard to fit running in- this week was the opposite. We had much more chill schedule and things really lined up and went closer to planned and allowed me to be more consistent throughout the week. I’d say most weeks are more likely a combination of the two extremes but I took advantage of the time none the less.

Going into this week I knew I needed to make it a priority to be consistent throughout the week and not pile ALL my miles on the weekend. I know that getting my base back will be easier running more days/week and not just focusing on the overall weekly mileage. Having an “easier” schedule week really allowed me to do this (as well as a super supportive S.O.). I managed to run 6 times which made me feel SO much better about where I am at. Consistency is HUGE. Again, I know that isn’t realistic for me every week right now but I’m still glad I was able to do so even this week.

The consistency meant a good mileage build and little bit of a bigger jump to 27 miles for the week. My goal for the next few weeks is to try and maintain 25ish miles per week and just give my aerobic system some time to be more established. I felt really good throughout the week and finished with 8 mile run as my longest postpartum run yet. I ended up running it as a progression run starting with a 9:12 and finishing with an 8:14 mile.

I’m mulling over goals and things for the fall…I have some ideas but also figuring out the best way to go about it. I want to make sure I get runs/workouts in consistently to feel good but also remember that my main priority is not training right now. I’m sure it will take some trial and error to strike a good balance.

Week 12

Monday 7/17- 3.2 miles run (9:34 avg) + 20 minutes Strength/PT, 2.7 mile evening family walk
Tuesday 7/18– 4.8 mile fartlek run (8:34 avg) Intervals ranged from 30 seconds to a little over 3 minutes and paces ranged from 6:32-7:44 with most of them a little over 7.
Wednesday 7/19- 1.9 mile family stroller walk in the evening
Thursday 7/20– Afternoon gym session (1.5 miles on Elliptical for WU/CD + 20 min core/back strength), 5k Stroller run in evening (9:12 avg)
Friday 7/21– 4.1 recovery miles (9:38 avg), Finished with 5 x strides + 10 minutes PT/Loop Bands
Saturday 7/22– 4.2 Stroller miles (9:02) + 15 minutes core/PT/Loop Bands
Sunday 7/23– 8 mile progression run (8:48 avg)
Totals: ย 27.7 miles run, 4.6 miles walked, 1.5 mile elliptical, 65 minutes Fitness/strength
Beers Drank: Sam Adams Summer Ale & a sip of Brian’s Ballast Grapefruit Sculpin


Overall it was a good week, I felt better with each run and I never felt like I was ruining my child by getting out there with or without her(mom guilt is real, but so is the reality that we all need a little time for ourselves!).

Goals for this coming week: 4-5 runs, 25 miles, 3-4x PT/Loop Bands (this really seems to be making a big diff!)

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