Barley’s Postpartum Training Log Week 10

This was my third week of being a working mom, and third week of running. Luckily, it was a short work week with Monday and Tuesday off for the Holiday. I think that the hectic and schedule changing last few weeks really caught up with me so I ended up taking it a bit easier. I still got a slight mileage increase in though so that was good.

On Monday night I tossed around a bit about doing a 4th of July race. There are many in the area and they are all fun and I would have been okay using it as a time trial for myself since

I’m not in racing condition. In the end I figured I would save money, but also wanted to be home in the morning with Hannah since I was off of work. I did still decide to do my own time trial though. After we relaxed in the morning I finally got out during her naptime, even though it was 80 degrees and blazing sun- it was still good to get outside. I did a 1 mile warm-up, and then 5k time trial on a running path that I knew I wouldn’t have to stop at crosswalks or anything for. I ended up running 23:17 (7:30 average pace) which I was pleasantly surprised about as I thought I would have been closer to 8’s. My splits were 7:37, 7:37, 7:17 and the last bit was a little over 7:00 pace. It was a great test to see where I am at and give me better idea of training paces for the time being. I am excited to do another test in a few weeks to see if I can improve!

*Side note: when I started running again I deleted all the records off my Garmin so I could start fresh- best thing I did! Now it’s always telling me I’m breaking records and improving- good mood booster!

Wednesday and Thursday I was pretty tired so I rested from running, but did get a short family walk in. By Friday I was ready and wanted to run again. Hannah was with my MIL for the day so I planned to run after work before picking her up. She called me midday though and I could hear Hannah crying in the background, she was having a fussy day. I decided I didn’t want to run until I picked her up later to make sure she was good. When we got home she was still fussy so I decided baby snuggles win out over running- totally worth it. I then got ready and had mom’s night out with the girls- lots of wine and laughs!

Saturday came around and I got to run with a good friend and Hannah which was a great start to the day. Sunday I ran 7 miles for my longest PP run! Brian had Hannah so I could go solo, it was pretty warm out and I also wanted a little “me time”. I kept it relaxed and felt good at the end, slowly but surely feeling like my aerobic ability is coming back. I truly think the walking I did over maternity leave before jumping back into running really helped a TON.

Week 10
Monday 7/3- 3.5 mile walk + 15 minutes Core, PT, Loop Bands
Tuesday 7/4- Solo 5k Time trial (7:30 avg) {1.1 mile up/1.1mile down} + 10 minutes core, loop bands
Wednesday 7/5- Rest {literally a 2 hour evening nap with Hannah}
Thursday 7/6- 1.9 mile family walk
Friday 7/7- Rest
Saturday 7/8- 4.7 mile stroller run with a friend (9:20 avg)
Sunday 7/9- 7.1 mile long run (9:04 avg) + 15 minutes core, PT, Loop Bands
Totals: 17.1 miles run, 5.4 miles walked, 40 minutes fitness
Beers Drank: Magic Hat #9

And…..because Hannah is too cute (I’m bias.)

A new mom and Upstate, NY resident who loves the marathon, a good beer, and all of the numbers/nerdy things. I write about my journey to a sub-3:00 marathon, training tweaks for improvement, and finding that "running/life balance" unicorn. On tap Next: Maneuvering through motherhood and postpartum running!

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