Barley’s Buffalo Marathon Training Log Week 8

Last week I finally let the cat out of the bag that I’m marathon training again. For those who were paying slightly closer attention it was probably pretty obvious before that though. The short story is that I registered for Buffalo Marathon back in November, oddly during one of the hardest PP weeks I had had in a while. I registered to give me something to think about and help me stay afloat a bit, but also gave myself the winter to see where I could get to with training. I wanted to make sure I could feasibly train smart and with reasonable consistency to give myself the best shot at a healthy start, healthy and strong finish(strong finish isn’t a time btw). I don’t have a set in stone goal yet, my training paces are all based off my vDot from recent races- I don’t believe in just picking paces (in training OR racing).

So with that said, I’ve been training ‘officially’ since February and things have been going well for the most part. This was my highest mileage week in 2 years and mentally/physically I handled it well- even though some of the timing wasn’t 100% ideal.

Tuesday’s workout was done in a random housing tract that was not too far from the car dealership (I had inspection due). I needed to kill 2 birds with one stone and get it done- which meant wind and rain but it helps in case race day has those conditions so I went with it. The k repeats were right where they should have been but theย  2-2 mile blocks were a little off….The first one was a few seconds fast, and the second one my original plan was MP but I fell into a 6:30 groove and just stuck with it and switched the intention to HMP (it was only 2 miles so not huge, but I scolded myself a little after the fact). The rest of the week was mostly easy and recovery miles other than my planned long run workout.

I opted to move Sunday’s LR workout to Saturday because I didn’t want to worry about it on Easter morning. One of my best friends graciously offered to watch Hannah Saturday morning (Brian was working) so I could get it done earlier and have the rest of the weekend for Holiday/Family time. The only downfall of this was that I ended up running almost 30 miles in a span of about 18 hours (9.5 miles done Friday at about 4:45PM, 19 Miles starting at about 9:45 AM Saturday). I wouldn’t normally do that, but it was still the best option timing wise for the weekend. The long run workout went really well, it was about 40 with sunshine and wind but felt more like Spring than it did mid-week. The last time I did this workout I was (unknowingly) pregnant with Hannah and somewhat bonked it, obviously it made sense a few days later when I found out. I saved that workout in the back of my mind though for when I returned to training postpartum to try and re-do it. I’m happy to say it went better than last time and I was really consistent with my pacing for all 4 blocks and stuck to the paces that I needed to.

Monday: 6 Recovery miles after work (8:16 avg)
Tuesday: 10.5 Miles total (6:57 avg) w/ 2 MP (6:46 avg), 3 x 1k (5:52 avg), 2 HMP (6:32 avg)
Wednesday: 6.1 Recovery miles (8:23 avg)
Thursday: 6.4 Easy late evening treadmill progression miles (8:08 avg) + 10 Minutes Core
Friday: 9.5 easy miles (8:23 avg)
Saturday: 19 Mile LR workout (7:14 avg) w/ 2 x 3 miles MP (6:52, 6:50), 2 x 2 miles HMP (6:31, 6:30)
Sunday: 3 Recovery miles (9:11 avg)
Week Totals: 60.5 Miles
Beers Drank: None? (I did have wine though..)
Baby Milestones: Top tooth cut through, she found the toilet (lovely), first Easter!!

Finding her first Easter basket!

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