Barberry Training Log 9/10-9/16



So I am now officially exiting trimester 2 and entering that lucky number 3. My original goal was to still hopefully be running through the 2nd trimester. I made it, but man, I feel like time is running low. My pace is getting slower and slower and I am needing those walk breaks more and more. My bladder and my diaphragm don’t know who is taking more abuse. As far as the non-running changes go, my clothing options are continuing to become more limited. Most of my shirts are becoming midriffs! I am alternating between very few pairs of maternity-related pants for work and outings. I am constantly warm. And my baby brain is slowly getting worse. My skin is slightly less awful, though… so there’s that! As far as activity this week, a few things got switched up from my normal routine, but I was still able to exercise most days this week, and I got three shorter runs in. So here we go!

9/10 – I have kept up my pattern of coming home and not doing any exercise after work. I did get in a 10 minute walk during my lunch break today. I’ve been trying to do this as often as I can, especially if it is not too hot outside. Other than this, it is home, dinner, and catching up on life on Monday evenings.


9/11 – Today, I participated in a 5K run to celebrate the grand opening for the new office of a local race production company. They do such a great job and have brought a lot of great running events to the west-side of Indy. Many of these are super convenient for me, especially since I do not have to get up super early to travel to these events being that they are close to home. They had a good turn out, and I got to run/walk with my friend, Danielle. I am glad she doesn’t mind slowing down for me and taking walk breaks! We did 3.16 miles at an 11:34 min/mi pace with walk breaks.


9/12 – Since I ran last night, I decided to just do a nice, longer walk for my exercise today. We actually spent our morning looking at day cares (whew … that can be overwhelming to think of!), so I did this walk in the afternoon. I ended up walking almost 4 and a quarter miles. It was definitely warmer out today versus my wonderful, cooler weekend, but the shady areas felt nice.


9/13 – I did another 10 minute walk at work during my lunch break. I was on my feet all day at work, so it was nice to kick up my feet at the end of the day.


9/14 – Another Friday morning run where it felt like I was just trotting along. The first mile was tough. This run was slightly better than last Friday’s … but just slightly. Ran 3.0 miles at an 11:26 min/mi pace. I also did a short walk during my lunch break again. And I successfully had pizza for dinner. Thank you, Tums.

9/15 – My hubby joined me for my Saturday adventure. We decided to do a short run/garage sale perusing adventure. We did 3.1 miles at an 11:46 min/mi pace. He assures me he does not mind the slower pace, but I always feel bad that I am slowing him down so much. It was nice to have the company, though. No big finds for us at the sales today, but I have a feeling our baby is going to be getting spoiled like crazy (first grandchild for my parents, first female grandchild for his, and just first baby in general for my family in a long time). Baby girl also got to experience her first concert today! I had a patient offer to sell me her Taylor Swift tickets, and I thought … “hmm.. why not?” So we jammed out with a bunch of Swifties and had a nice time. We also got a good deal of walking to and from our parking spot, so it was like another round of exercise.


9/16 – Went for a 1.5 mile walk in the evening as the sun was setting. It was a pleasant evening with beautiful colors across the sky.


So it has been quite a week here in our household, and we are going to continue to stay pretty busy throughout the end of this month and into October. We are hoping to take a short weekend trip somewhere nearby before baby comes during this time, as well. So now, here it is … the third trimester. I will take it as it comes.


Did you run during your third trimester? I am always interested in survival tips!




A born and raised Hoosier running to stay sane. I've done 5Ks to marathons, but am currently running to enjoy running. I'm an orthopedic physical therapist, with clinical specialization in treating people with vestibular disorders. Other things I specialize in? Knowing the lyrics to every Backstreet Boys song and being an awesome cat mom! Living with Crohn's disease, but trying to show it who really is the boss.

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