Barberry Training Log 4/9 – 4/15

Oh my goodness. What is going on? Has spring finally sprung? What does 60 degrees feel like? What do I wear for my outside runs now? It’s been cold so long, I feel naked with only a t-shirt! Things finally seem to be looking up for us here in the Hoosier state. Here is how I’ve been moving this week!

4/9 – Resting after a long and busy day at work. Things are picking up schedule-wise, it keeps me out of trouble. Sometimes.

4/10- Walked for about 35 minutes (2 miles) on the treadmill at a slight incline. Performed a few strengthening moves for my glutes. I had a little bit of help with the resistance. My cats love to lay on me whenever I do bridges. I guess there are worse things. Anyone else have difficulties getting in a home workout with kitties around?


4/11 – Easy 5 mile run around the trails at home at 9:53 min/mi pace. I followed this up with a yoga class with one of my running buddies! I am trying to get back into doing yoga more regularly. I always seem to feel better and hurt less whenever I do it consistently!


4/12 – Rest!


4/13 – It is now light out pretty much for my entire pre-work Friday morning run! I even ran in a t-shirt! The feeling of the wind against my bare arms was heavenly. My hubby even joined me for an easy 3 miles (10:05 min/mi pace). Again I am doing these short runs without any tape. I felt pretty good afterward.  A little bit of soreness in the heel later in the day (after standing at work), but not too worrisome.


4/14 – Today, we participated in the local 10 mile run to benefit the high school track team. Thankfully, mother nature was much kinder than we thought she might be. It was overcast and a little rainy, but any predicted thunder and lightning held off! We were very happy about this and that things went well for my friend who has worked hard to organize these runs! I just took it easy and had an average pace of 9:38 min/mi. I am on a crusade to just enjoy running, take notice of the beautiful things around me, and not put pressure on myself to always run fast! This was a good race to do this! I found myself enjoying the camaraderie of other runners about halfway through the run, and appreciated the way so many kept cheering each other on. This is one of the things I love about running!


4/15 – Easy 35 minute walk on the treadmill (2 miles) at slight incline and some stretching for my tight glutes and hamstrings!


A born and raised Hoosier running to stay sane. I've done 5Ks to marathons, but am currently running to enjoy running. I'm an orthopedic physical therapist, with clinical specialization in treating people with vestibular disorders. Other things I specialize in? Knowing the lyrics to every Backstreet Boys song and being an awesome cat mom! Living with Crohn's disease, but trying to show it who really is the boss.

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