Barberry Training Log 10/8 – 10/14

It’s been a busy week! We have been working on getting the nursery ready. It has been painted and my husband put together the crib and some of the other furniture. It is coming together! It is getting tougher to move around with as much ease. I even had to have some help getting shoes on this weekend at my brother’s wedding! I am growing, and growing more tired! Is there some pregnant lady energy potion? I could have used that this week. I did not get as much activity in as I would have liked to, but I am still carrying on.

10/8 –ย After a weekend away and a long day at work, I am super tired! My fatigue is growing by the week it seems. It is getting harder for me to stand for longer periods of time at work, I am always looking for opportunities to sit down ๐Ÿ™‚


10/9 –ย Today wasn’t too crazy at work, I was able to be productive โ€ฆ or my current version of productive. My husband and I attended a childbirth education class and took a tour of the childbirth center. My husband was so good, he paid attention and asked good questions! I am pretty lucky, I will have some good support when this little gal gets here!


10/10 – I wasn’t sure what my workout would entail today. I was tired, but had not done any working out in a few days, and I knew I would feel better once I was working out. I went to a local park I had not really run around for awhile and did a run walk for 2.4 miles. I ran for 3 minutes and walked for 2 minutes and repeated that 6 times. It was lightly raining, the sky was overcast, and the leaves were falling and started to turn. The weather had been super warm the last week, so the beginning of a cooldown was welcome once again! I did some body weight strength moves in a shelter house, like lunges, squats, push ups, etc.ย  After that, I did a 1.6 mile walk (for 4 miles total for the day). It turned out to be a good workout!


10/11 –ย I came home from work today and watched re-runs of The Office! Very exciting! I do love The Office ๐Ÿ™‚


10/12 – A cool morning, in the high 30’s! What a big swing in temperatures. Not complaining, I’m hoping it lasts. I got started a little late, so I did a 2.33 mile run/walk within a 30 minute time frame. I took a half day off of work today to prepare for my little brother’s wedding weekend! Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tonight!


10/13 –ย Today was a day that tested my endurance! It was my brother’s wedding day! I was a bridesmaid, so my day started early with hair and make up. I did a lot of standing. My feet and legs were pretty tired by the end of the night and definitely crashed โ€ฆ after pulling out all of the bobby pins in my hair. It was a beautiful day for them, and I was glad to be a part of it. I slept for 4 hours straight before a bathroom break (my longest streak in awhile!) and then crashed again.


10/14 –ย This morning we participated in the Orchard Dash 5K at one of our local apple orchards. This is a hilly course with lots of uneven terrain. I decided to just walk this one. My hubby walked with me. He is not a big fan of walking, and I would much prefer to be running โ€ฆ normally! It is what it is, it was nice to get some exercise in!


I know that right there, there a pregnant ladies that are running farther and faster right now. I have been trying not to compare my journey to them! Our bodies all respond differently to this stage of life. I am envious of women with longer torsos, however. I wish I had more room in here! My bladder didn’t deserve this punishment!


Alright, alright. I am out! Have a great week, everyone!



A born and raised Hoosier running to stay sane. I've done 5Ks to marathons, but am currently running to enjoy running. I'm an orthopedic physical therapist, with clinical specialization in treating people with vestibular disorders. Other things I specialize in? Knowing the lyrics to every Backstreet Boys song and being an awesome cat mom! Living with Crohn's disease, but trying to show it who really is the boss.

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