Anise’s Training Log 12.31.17 – Out with the Old

2017 was my second year of building toward the 2018 Ironman in Louisville. Yes, most people don’t train for three years for one race at my level (back of the pack), but when you have a “math problem” (can’t make cutoffs) it takes some time to build up everything and get to putting it all together. Here was my final week of 2017.

Monday – 2800 yard swim. I kept my promise to myself not to swim at the Y closest to my house because the pool is too overscheduled and it makes me b^&chy. I gloriously had a lane (actually most of the pool) to myself and the water temp was 82 degrees, which I would normally call “too warm” but the Midwest has been “chilly” this week.

Tuesday – I had a cortisone shot in my foot to break up some scar tissue and the podiatrist said no running until Thursday. Coach agreed so we moved things around. Which was actually fine because it was hideously cold Tuesday night for the group run. I rode 19.3 miles using my new bike trainer instead (Thursday’s quality bike workout).

Wednesday – Easy ride of 15.5 miles on the new trainer, which let me ride the Grand Rapids 70.3 bike course. I also went to the other side of town to swim my 3,000 yards. Today I hit 150 swim miles for the year, which is my most yet. I also spent 90 minutes on my massage therapist’s table. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thursday – I did strength, flexibility, and agility work with my trainer at the Y in the morning. Because I had the week off work I had the flexibility to put off the run until it was “warmer” out and so I waited until mid-afternoon. Solo speed work is never fun, but I got it done. I was bundled up and had my watch under layers of sleeves, but I managed to nail the workout by feel. 6 miles, 1:11+ total time with 3 miles at steady state and 30 sec pickups at the top of each half mile of the steady state.

Friday – Since I was swimming my 100th hour for the year Shannon was going to join me for this swim and then Mexican afterwards, but she wasn’t without kid responsibilities until evening, so I was waiting. It started snowing around 4:30 PM. I shoveled the driveway (much to the chagrin of my SI joint) and headed out to the pool. The roads were bad and drivers worse, but I made it up to the suburbs where we were going to swim. She ended up with a weather delayed baby daddy and didn’t get to join me, but I still had a great swim and settled for Chipotle on the way home. And then shoveled the more snow. But 2,800 yards of just joyful long sets in a lane by myself, finishing 152 miles and 100 hours of swimming for the year.

Saturday – I went to Eagle Creek to join the PBT idiot runners in 14 degrees with falling temps and increasing wind. I had 10-12 miles on the schedule and planned to go for the 12. First loop (4.5 miles) was actually better than expected. I got some water at the car and made a pit stop. The kind where you need to make sure your pants are down before you go because your ass is so cold you aren’t sure. Back out. And look at that, the wind picked up. This sucks. I’m going to run the short loop (~3 miles). Ok, in the woods (hills) it’s not as bad. Next short loop…in the flats, here’s the wind again. I’m only running 10 miles. Back in the woods…I might not die, but I’m not running the flats again and I am not going to do 2 more of hills either. Finished with 10 miles in 2:04+ and called it good. Went for coffee.

Sunday – Shoveled before church…cross training (or something). After church I went to lift with Shannon while drinking coffee (it’s different when we lift as friends, not with her as my trainer). Then I got on the bike trainer for ~24 miles on the Grand Rapids course. I still hadn’t gotten the ANT+ connected or the trainer calibrated (Mr. Anise did that later), but it was a sufficiently butt-kicking ride.

I had been doing a Y 140.6 in December challenge and finished the month with 19 swim miles, 250 bike miles, and 67 run miles. I think I completed the challenge ;).

2017 summary: 152 swim miles; 2,545 bike miles; 1,060 run miles.

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