Anise’s Training Log 12.17.17 – Build 4

From birthdays to vendor treats to movie premiers to beer to more invitations than I can handle, this week felt like the beginning of the snowball toward the holidays. I have been mostly keeping with the program and adjusting the when and where as needed to fit in as much of “life” as I can handle around work and training.

Monday – I swam early hoping that would make it fast since this workout included some fast. I managed the early intervals well and didn’t over swim them, but I still couldn’t find fast when the time came. Office birthday #1. 3,000 yards.

Tuesday – I decided to run with my local running club instead of coach’s training group. Well, in December, when it’sย dark, before the spring half marathon training program, when the local running store is having a lights and hot chocolate run at the same time…there’s like 5 GUYS who all run faster than me and that’s it. So I did my run behind them and saw them pass on their way back in. No one bothered waiting to make sure I made it back in, but whatever…it was windy. The run was 4 zoned – marathon, half marathon, 10K, and 5K. My PR paces are super whack for marathon and 10K so I tried to run it by HR. First probably too fast…and by the end I couldn’t get my HR up any more. Blergh. Office birthday #2. 6 miles. AHR 152.

Wednesday – I swam in the morning…and I STILL couldn’t find goal times with two hands and a flashlight. My swim coach was cool about it though and said there was still good training effect. 3,000 yards. In the evening I had an easy ride on the bike trainer while watching Juno. 14.5 miles. AHR 126. Average power 131 watts.

Thursday – I rode early for this “infinity” workout and I thought I would be cute and watch Toy Story, but we don’t own it and I watched Monster’s, Inc. instead. Then I changed and headed to work with my trainer at the Y. 18.1 miles. AHR 143. Average power 126 watts.

Friday – REST DAY!!! Once every three weeks I have a planned rest day. This was the first time I have really looked forward to it. I planned a date night and took Mr. Anise to see The Last Jedi. I also hit the treats from vendors that have started to appear in the office.

Saturday – I ran with the local running club in the morning, but most people weren’t hitting long distances at this time of year. A few of us ran longer than others, but I was the only one running around 12:00 pace for long(ish). The pace was a bit up tempo from what I have been doing long runs at and I had to put in a bit more effort than ideal to make my goal time. 10 miles. AHR 159. In the evening I ended up having beer and licorice. I did pass on some invitations.

Sunday – After going to early church and a meeting at church I got on the bike trainer and watched A New Hope while riding “hills” using gears. After the ride I went to the gym to lift alone since my trainer was at a gymnastics meet with her daughter. 20.8 miles. AHR 140. Average power 115 watts. Evening at Mr. Anise’s bowling league pitch in.

In the Y 140.6 miles in December challenge I have finished more than the required distance (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) already, we’ll see if I make it double before the end of the month!

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