Anise’s Training Log – 11.5.2017

Build to the end of the season, race week for the Monumental Marathon. I was trying to be chill about running my second full in 30 days…

Monday – 2400 yard swim. Using the Garmin that isn’t best for swimming was frustrating, but I got my swim done before work. After work it took me longer to decide WHERE I wanted to run only three miles than to do it. The flat part of Eagle Creek was the answer. 3 miles (average HR 143)

Tuesday – Ran with the team. Decided against a costume in the end. Race week progression. Progression miles were 12:03, 11:33, 10:55. 6 miles total (average HR 152). Wrote out my plan for the marathon.

Wednesday – 2100 yard swim. Really easy workout – 4 x 50 drill/swim and then 2 x 20 minutes. Only swimming on a Wednesday…felt super weird, but I rolled with it.

Thursday – ran in the neighborhood before work, which meant it was dark. Drivers in my neighborhood are a$$holes. I was wearing reflective and carrying a flashlight. Still nearly hit 3 times. Gah. 4 miles (average HR 158, max 170 – way too high for an easy run thanks to the attempted vehicular manslaughter). I went to the Monumental Marathon expo after work and got packets for me and Mr. Anise (who was running the 5K) and talked to people. One of my friends was right when she described Monumental weekend as Runner’s Christmas in Indy.

Friday – hoping not to repeat Thursday I drove 2 miles to run 2 miles. I hate that. But the run was uneventful. Driving home, not so much. 2 miles (average HR 145).

Saturday – Monumental Marathon. My favorite race, regardless of the outcome. See the race report (coming soon). 26.2 miles (average HR 149).

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