Anise’s Training Log 11.26.17 Build 1

The base building is beginning again. Since this was a holiday week I didn’t have as much pool access as I normally would since there isn’t a pool in my parents’ town. I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and got to run before feasting.

Monday – I had a “swim test” of 3×100 yards for time and a 400 yard for time. With drills, warm up, bonus yards, etc. it was 2,000 yards total. The 100s were 1:55, 1:56, 1:57 and the 400 was 8:11. I also met with coach to talk about some 2017 things and plan for 2018. I now know the answer to “what is your next race?” – it’s a 1/1/18 race downtown. 5K. Terrifying.

Tuesday – I had to run in the morning before we hit the road so it was a solo run, though I did see one of my friends out running. This was a progression run – one mile warm up, three miles progressively faster, one mile cool down. The progression miles were 12:06, 11:52, 11:26 which I was happy with for the first “workout” post marathon. Ave HR 157. Then LOTS of time in the car.

Wednesday – I went to the athletic club in my parents’ town to ride on a stationary bike since we had too much stuff to bring the bike and trainer up north with us. My mom came to the gym with me and rode a recumbent bike for 30 minutes – I was so proud of her. 13.1 mile trainer ride with an average HR of 153. I also walked with my aunt in the evening.

Thursday – since it was the first year I wasn’t at home for Thanksgiving since I started running I wasn’t able to do the Drumstick Dash (I was cheering last year since I sprained my ankle the week before), but I was still able to participate via the “Outta Town Dash Around” virtual race. They sent my shirt ahead of time and I ran and took pictures in it. 4.65 miles is the typical distance for this race, so that is what I ran. Ave HR 166 (I was not “racing”). In the evening I went for a walk with Mr. Anise.

Friday – I went back to the athletic club to ride on the stationary again. My mom came back and she actually joined the gym because she felt so much better after her ride on Wednesday. I am so happy for her. I rode 17.3 miles, a 20 min warmup, 30 min steady state, 10 min cool down. Ave HR 144.

Saturday – This was my last run along Lake Huron for the year. I went out for my “long run” which was only six miles. It felt like “since when is a LR only 6 miles” and “this is my longest run in three weeks.” But I was happy to have a sunrise run along the lake and in the woods, and very happy there was a latrine in the park for an unplanned stop. Ave HR 149. The LOTS of time in the car.

Sunday – I was supposed to have a 90 minute ride that was 22.5 miles on the bike trainer…but the trainer has too much tension and I only averaged 13 mph, so I stopped at 20 miles because it was more than 90 minutes and I needed to move on. Ave HR 150. I also lifted weights with my trainer and then worked on swimming with her before I swam my 2,600 “bonus set.” I don’t normally swim on Sundays, but since I didn’t have pool access Wednesday or Friday I had told Sean (swim coach) that I could swim on Sunday.

Swim – 4,600 yards

Bike – 50.4 miles

Run – 15.7 miles

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