Anise’s Training Log 11.18.17 – Recovery

This may be the most unflavored training log ever. Running and training usually has a lot of spice, but recovery can feel pretty plain.

Recovery Week 1 – 11.6.17 – 11.12.17

Monday – I swam 1,950 yards

Tuesday – I power walked 2 miles with the team and then headed to Brewsday (Tuesday post-run drinks/dinner). (Ave HR 129)

Wednesday – 2,200 yards of swimming drills and swimming reinforcing the drills for me. Also a 90 minute massage since my massage therapist was back in town.

Thursday – I started the morning with my second meeting with my new swim coach. It was very productive and at the end he had me swim 100 yards for time. I went out faster than I could hang on to, but I finished in 1:50 – which is the fastest I have ever swam 100 yards! I wrapped up work early and it was a sunny, warm afternoon – the kind we won’t have many more of this year – so I went for a bike ride outside. I hadn’t figured in the wind. Whoa. It was windy AF. Like 10 mph into the wind windy. The way back was fun! 10 miles total. Ave HR 157, Ave power 123. And then I visited the float tank for the first time.

Friday – I swam 2,500 yards with lots of pulling (arms only, legs using a pull float) and also went to the float tank again. It was much more relaxing the second time.

Saturday – I did a group run before a swim clinic. Since it was my first run after the marathon I ran 3:1 intervals (run/walk) and actually had an 11:38 average pace, which I was really happy with. 4 miles, ave HR 159 (higher than ideal, but hey).

Sunday – A 45 mile bike ride on the trainer was all I could handle. It was supposed to be a 20 mile ride and I just couldn’t make it happen. A little under 9.5 miles with an average HR of 135 and average power of 109.

Recovery Week 2 – 11.13.17 – 11.19.17

Monday – A pre-work float to be able to Monday and after work a very forgettable 1,700 yard swim.

Tuesday – I ran the 3:1 interval again, but with the dark (and I forgot lights) it was a bit slower. 4 miles with an average HR of 151 (much better).

Wednesday – I swam a quick 1,600 yards before work and did my final float after work. I needed the float to be able to chill out before heading to a work retreat Thursday and Friday.

Thursday – I had to run early since I needed to be downtown by 8:30 AM, and I ran from the house. I went over to the hilly street and ran some rollers while doing the 3:1 interval. I was excited to use my new RunLites, they work really well at making me visible AND helping me see. 3 miles with an average HR of 152. The pace was slow (13:00) but it was early and dark.

Friday – I had the best intentions to run when I got back from southern Indiana and before going to the tri team party…well, we didn’t get back from the retreat until it was time to leave for the party, so unplanned rest day.

Saturday – This was one of those warm but just gross days where it was raining and windy AF. I could not make myself go outside and I was not going to run on a treadmill. And so I hit the bike trainer for 25 miles, which was going to be Sunday’s workout. Average HR 142, average power 116. In the afternoon I thought I would try to get a swim in, even though the thunderstorms meant there was a risk of getting kicked out for lightning since the Y policy is to close the pool for 30 minutes after the last lightning strike. I got there and the pool was closed because the pumps had stopped working and by the time they *might* have been working again the whole facility closed because of intermittent power from the wind. Oh well.

Sunday – I went out to Eagle Creek park and ran the 8K course (adding to make it 5 miles). Had a bit of a GI issue and falling down pants in the first mile, but then it was all good. 3:1 intervals again. Average HR 155, which is pretty good for the hills.

Run miles – 16

Bike miles – 44.5

Swim miles – 5.27 (plus whatever I swim today and coach time)

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