Anise’s Training Log 10.9.17 – Chicago Taper and Race Report

It’s no secret that redeeming my last remaining DNF was the primary goal at Chicago. And I got that redemption. I would have loved for it to come with a bow of a PR and goal time, but it wasn’t to be.

Taper week 2

Monday – easy 4 mile run and a little lifting at the Y

Tuesday – was supposed to be a 6 mile race week progression run. Warmed up and it was awful. Stopped the watch. Walked a bit. Decided to try the progression. Made it .75 miles and decided to call it and walk it in.

Wednesday – started eating like it was race week since Tuesday’s disaster was caused by under-eating. First drill swim workout from the new swim coach. It was good.

Thursday – 13.4 miles on the bike trainer. Blah. So much sweat.

Friday – 3 mile run – Cooper’s Fun Run, monthly charity run downtown at 6 AM. I am not sure I have ever run that early.

Saturday – off. Travel to Chicago and dinner with friends.

Sunday – Chicago marathon. My wave started at 8:35, I crossed the mats at 8:53 AM. Late start on what started out as a warm day. Mid-60s when I started.  Damn near 80 when I finished. At 20K I was 4 minutes behind goal and I decided to go to plan E and just finish. After the half, I walked. At mile 24 I did the math (I could still do math!) and figured out that I would need to “run” the last mile to make it under 6:30 and all the sudden that became important. So I did. It hurt, but I did it. I kinda race walked Mt. Roosevelt and then ran it in to the finish. 6:29:36 – not what we had hoped for going into the race by a long shot – but I finished Chicago. Not last. Under 6:30. Winning.

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  1. Internet ate my comment so I’ll try again! Being able to say you accurately did math at mile 24 of a marathon (let alone a hot one!) is incredibly impressive! Congrats on the finish and enjoy recovery!

  2. Congratulations on resolving that unfinished business with Chicago! Those were some *tough* conditions – major props on being able to do math at mile 24 AND running the last mile!