Anise’s Training Log 10.29.17 – Taper Two

Second marathon taper in a month as we recovered from the Chicago Marathon and then are heading into Monumental Marathon on 11/4 in Indianapolis. This is NOT normal for me, I have never run more than one marathon in a year, let alone a month. But I did back to back weekends of 20-milers leading into Chicago so there’s some evidence that this will work.

Monday – After I finished presenting at a conference I swam 2,600 yards and then ran 4 very easy miles (average HR 136). New shoes (361 Sensation 2), but they were too big.

Tuesday – You know those days where you think you know what the workout is so you don’t check it and it’s not the same as the team? Yeah, I had one of those. Six fabulous miles with 3 mile steady state in the middle, but I did the stead state easier than I should have. Oh well, average HR 153.

Wednesday – swam 2,300 yards with drills in the morning before driving to Michigan.

Thursday – after facilitating a retreat all day I ran 5 miles JUST finishing before it got dark, which was good since I was in an unfamiliar place. Average HR 148. Correct size Sensation 2 shoes.

Friday – swam at a Y where I was working before driving home. 25 meter pool made for a longย  workout. 2,300 meters. The Y didn’t have fins so I had to improvise a little. Then when I got home I bought my own fins and kickboard.

Saturday – 10 mile total run with 8 at marathon goal pace or faster (75-80% max HRR). 1 mile warmup and then team start for the goal pace. We did it as multiple out-and-backs to minimize street crossings. I ran the first 2 with HR between 145 and 150, the middle 4 between 150 and 155, and the last 2 between 155 and 160. This lead to the following splits:

12:16, 12:41, 12:11, 12:18, 12:16, 12:26, 11:53, 11:37

Goal pace is 12:30. Feeling mostly optimistic. Except that little voice about never having run marathons this close together. Saucony Guide 9 with more than 300 miles on them (near retirement).

Sunday – lifted with my trainer and did high reps on a bunch of upper body – I’m going to feel that in the pool tomorrow. 15 miles on the bike trainer with a workout that would be 800 repeats if it was running. Ave HR 136.

Week summary:

  • Swim – 7700 yds (ish- meter pool made for weird math)
  • Bike – 15 miles (lowest week in forever)
  • Run – 25 miles

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