Anise’s Training Log 1.28.18 – Anise and the No Good Training Week

If you run long enough, you’ll have bad runs. They’re part of the deal. If you train long enough for triathlon, you’ll have bad workouts. And once in a while, when the perfect s^&tstorm of life occurs, you’ll have a whole week like that. This is the story of Anise and the No Good, Very Bad, I Mean Horrible Training Week.

Monday – I went to work and spent the day working on nametags for our Summit. One of the very few things I had committed to doing. Except we ran out of the plastic badges so I had to go to the store. While I was out anyway I did my swim. 2,700 yards. Then I went home and worked on nametags some more. Before we had SaltyChat. This was the best training day of the week.

Tuesday – Since we had an evening event I needed to run before work. The forecasters were talking about wind and wintery mix and so I went to hit a treadmill again. Really? Well, the weather wasn’t that bad it turns out, but I still ran my 7.4 miles on the treadmill, including 2x 2 miles at threshold. Then I went and co-hosted an event at a downtown hotel, then to a reception/fundraiser at a sponsor’s house.

Wednesday – We had freezing fog overnight and everything was black ice. I left the house at 6:30 AM to make it downtown by 7:30 AM for our Summit. Everyone was having problems getting in. The Summit was great, but even leaving before everything was loaded and taken back to the office it was a long day. When I hit the downtown pool, it was right before swim team practice started for the youth. 4-6 of us ended up circle swimming in the one remaining lane. Whatever, I was just checking off the workout. 2,700 yards including 100 of new drills. Then I came home and ate dinner and got on the bike trainer for an hour of easy riding. Except the tension was wrong on the trainer and I needed to recalibrate (but didn’t) so it was hard. Didn’t matter what gear I was in or that I wasn’t riding a course, it was just hard. 13 miles of riding.

Thursday – We were hosting our sister organizations from across the Midwest for two days of caucus discussions and activities. I needed to be downtown early so I didn’t work with my personal trainer or ride before work. I skipped the group dinner to come home and ride 80 minutes with some hard segments. It felt awful. I still hadn’t recalibrated the trainer. 19.7 miles.

Friday – The most needed rest day EVER. Before the caucus was even done meeting I went upstairs to finish a proposal that was due at 5 PM. I managed to get it out the door around 3 PM and then headed to the tri store to use the Normatec boots for an hour.

Saturday – One would think I would have a good long run coming off a rest day, but no. Not even close. It wasn’t raining hard when I started and the wind was at my back, so the first few miles felt a little better than I expected. I forgot the heart rate monitor, and I barely had enough charge on the watch for the run, but the pace was ok for the first few. Then it got lonely as others were either done (faster) or not going as long (or had punked on running in the rain). The rain picked up and then when I turned into the wind it felt cold. I added gloves and when I got to three miles left I put my jacket back on (it was too warm earlier in the run). It kept getting slower and slower. 14 miles.

Sunday – I met with my swim coach to discuss goals for Ironman as we get ready for actual IM swim training. Then I came home and got on the bike trainer. I was riding the IM Louisville course. Since Mr. Anise had been on the trainer earlier my bike needed to be reset. I didn’t get the tension quite right, but I did calibrate the trainer. I still need to adjust it before I ride again. The 22.5 miles took much longer than it should have, but it was hilly without putting in a huge effort and I felt like I was feeling the cumulative muscle fatigue.

So I got all the workouts done, but none of them were good and some were downright awful. I felt exhausted all week.ย 

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  1. I’m sorry it was a tough week, you’re definitely right that you train long enough it’s bound to happen but doesn’t make it any easier. 4-6 people swimming in one lane….good grief, I get annoyed with more than 2. Best thing you can say is you still got all the workouts in and that does count for something, it’s so hard when a week goes to shit like that and throwing the towel in would be much easier. But you didn’t!