Anise’s Training Log – 1.21.18: I have a dream

My coach comments on my last training block and posts the next one every three weeks. I have come to find out that doesn’t mean he’s not in Training Peaks trolling in between, but it is like Christmas when he posts comments and the next block…unless you’ve been naughty. Since I work for a non-profit we get Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off as a holiday I have tended to use it for reflection, but also for a long swim of some sort. My swim coach gave me a set that we called the “fun” set. I found out later it was a collegiate swim set.

Monday – MLK Day swim. 6,350 yards with 100×25 hitting the 25s at a consistent interval. Lots of rest early on, less rest and longer swims between sets as the workout went on. Master Yoda coach comment (he doesn’t normally comment on swims): “I have a dream to swim 6+K!!!” He’s a hoot.

Tuesday – You may have noticed I hate treadmills…like a lot. Yes, I spend HOURS each week on a bike trainer. But I LOATHE the treadmill. So many annoyances. But it was fracking cold again AND icy and I wasn’t going to do this workout in that in the dark. 2 mile warm up, 2×2:00 at threshold with 1:00 recovery between and 2 minutes recovery before 2 miles at threshold. Recover 2 minutes and then 4×1:00 hard, 1:00 easy, then a mile cool down. 6.2 miles of poo.

Wednesday – 2,500 yard swim drill set. I should have learned how to use the Garmin drill timer before this one, but that would wait another few days. Easy bike ride in theory. Kept it low key, but only made it 12 miles. Meh. But coach said a few weeks ago that most Wednesday rides won’t rise above meh.

Thursday – 16 miles on the bike trainer. A 20 min, 10 min, and 5 min interval at increasing wattage after warm up, and with recovery between. Then cool down. A solid ride.

Friday – I needed my fellow Saltines to get me out the door to go swim before my personal trainer session, but I got it done. 2,600 yards and I learned to use the drill timer!!! Then 30 minutes of agility and strength work.

Saturday – I started the day with 10 miles of primarily hills at Eagle Creek park (decent hills for central Indiana). Then I met with my swim coach for an hour to learn some new drills and how to flip turn. I swear he was trying to drown me. I also need to use a band around my ankles while I’m swimming…I told you he was trying to drown me. In the evening I went to an hour of yin yoga and focused on mantras.

Sunday – 20+ miles on the back half of the Grand Rapids 70.3 bike course (virtual) while watching Angels & Demons. The time flew by watching this one, even with some hill climbing out of the saddle. Then I was in the gym with my other trainer to do heavy lifting…bench press, squats, overhead press, and deadlift as well as some triceps work and trying to get close to being able to someday do a pullup (I can’t…at all).

Swim 11,450 yards (6.5 miles) + coach time (and yards)

Bike 58 miles

Run 16 miles

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