Anise’s Training Log 1.14.18 – Week 2

This week is the beginning of a new challenge on the nutrition front (more in another post coming soon), but a fairly normal training week aside from some super crazy temperature swings in central Indiana.

Monday – 2,200 yard swim at the downtown Y after work. No one was obnoxious and I ended up splitting a lane with someone I know and then I got to hit the hot tub. Solid day.

Tuesday – New speed workout for the team. I had the “toddler” version of the workout and it still kicked my butt. 2 miles warm up with striders, 1 mile at 80% HRR, 1 mile at 85%, 1 mile at 90%, 1/2 mile at 85%, 1/2 mile at 80%, 1 mile cool down. Yeah, I didn’t get all the way to 90% or 5K pace and my pace actually went down for that third mile of the workout. HR flatlined and I was working harder, but getting nothing. 7 miles. 12:07, 12:10, 11:30, 10:59, 11:07 (oops), 11:37, 13:54 (I died).

Wednesday – 3,050 yard swim. It was supposed to be 3,100 but I missed one of the 50s. I should have used my stack of pennies to count 50s. I had waited to get in a lane so I didn’t need to circle swim and then it ended up happening anyway, but everyone lived. I also did a 13 mile easy trainer ride on some random “flatish” course (smart trainers are awesome).

Thursday – 15 mile trainer ride before heading in to work with my trainer that is helping me with balance, mobility, and agility.

Friday – 2,200 yard swim. Nothing special, just a mid-afternoon swim on a snowy day. Earlier in the day I had a phone call with the new dietitian and then a visit with the sports psychologist. Lots to think about.

Saturday – I went to the run clinic in the St. Vincent Sport Performance tri series in the morning. We practice some of the exercises and drills as a part of the clinic, so there was some work. Then I headed out for a 12 mile run on the rail trail. One community cleared it better than another, but it was still a challenging run and maybe 20 degrees. At least the sun was out.

Sunday – Very full day. I had breakfast with friends who were back in town from Virginia for the weekend, then served at church and it was the bishop’s visitation weekend so there was more to do but it was awesome. The I met with a friend to catch up and interview her for a later Salty Running post. It wasn’t until evening when Mr. Anise was at bowling league that I got my ride in. I rode 22 miles on the Ironman Louisville course (I love the smart trainer). I have my work cut out for me and it is a tough ride, but I will get there. Mr. Anise and I registered to ride Amishland and Lakes in July. I’ll ride 100 miles on Saturday and 50 on Sunday. He’ll ride 67 on Saturday and 50 on Sunday.

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