Angelica’s Training Log – 12.10.17

This was a harder week for me. The weather is starting to turn cold and gray. I felt tired, a little run-down, and just generally out of sorts. I think sometimes you just have to wait a week like this out and hope that it comes to an end eventually.

Monday, 12/4, School Bus Crew – Swim 2100 yards

Swimming with Snarky Girl. Also Aidan’s birthday. I have a 14-year-old. Somehow this made me sad a lot of the day. I don’t usually mind my kids getting older, but this one got to me.

Tuesday, 12/5, Early Morning Crew – 6 easy miles (9:35 average pace)

Some easy miles with Teacher Runner. Feeling way better than yesterday, but still tired. I think these miles are starting to catch up to me a bit.

You can not even see the ducks. Which is a great metaphor for this week.

Wednesday, 12/6, Lunch Time Crew – 4 easy miles (9:13 pace), plus strength training

More grouchy tiredness. I’m trying to see good things in the world, like ducks. This run from the gym is really pretty and I love strength training. This is me, attempting positive thinking.

Thursday, 12/7, School Bus Crew – 8 miles (9:14 average pace), progression run

2 miles warm up, 3 at half marathon pace, 2 at 10K pace, 1 cool down. Yikes. I procrastinated forever because of an ongoing case of the blahs. I am finally admitting that I am starting to get worried about marathon training in December in New England. Whose idea was this?? Then I drove to my favorite route for faster running and the run itself went great!

Friday, 12/8, Early Morning Crew – 5 easy miles on trails (10:58 pace), strength training at lunch w/Snarky Girl at YMCA

Ran trails with the girls, our usual Friday routine. I fell, which was not fun, but nothing broken or torn. I’m shifting my long run to Saturday so I squeezed in a little lifting session at lunch.

We had snow predicted for Saturday and by 5 p.m., the cancellation phone calls had started rolling in. Who knew there was so much to cancel on a Saturday? I am usually pretty good at ignoring the fear-mongering around winter weather but I had 16 miles planned for the morning and this nonsense started getting in my head. I ended up texting Coach Mick and telling him I was fretting. I don’t even remember what he said but he made me laugh and I decided it would be ok after all.

Saturday, 12/9, Early Morning Crew – 16 “easy” miles

The miles didn’t turn out to be exactly easy but they weren’t horrible. Three of my friends turned up to run, which made things so much better. The snow held off until I had only a few miles left, which was much less bad than it might have been. Most of all, I got it done, and I was no worse for wear at the end.

Sunday, 12/10, Afternoon Crew – 5 easy miles, Snarky Girl’s Birthday Run! (9:35 pace)

Magnificent day and the turning point for my week. Snarky Girl had about 15 friends over to run either a 5K or a 5 mile route, ending back at her house for soup and homemade pretzels. She provided bibs and medals — cookies in the shape of running shoes! This party was so much fun that I may just copy it next year. Happy birthday Snarky Girl!!

Total: 44 miles, first time over 40 miles per week since October 2016!

Birthday race “medals”!

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