Angelica’s Training Log – 11.5.17-11.12.17

This week was mostly recovery from the Ghost Train half last Saturday. I also started working on nutrition and headed back to the pool for the first time in forever.

Monday, 11/6, Early Morning Crew – Swim 1650 yards

Snarky Girl and I hit the pool for the first time since mid-August. We did a lot of swimming last year while I was dealing with the plantar fasciitis. Neither of us is at all fast, but this felt terrific. Yeah for swimming!

Tuesday, 11/7, School Bus Crew – 4.86 easy miles (9:37 pace); Strength training at lunch

Ran a new loop with Rashi, which ended up a little further than I expected. Definitely still feeling the effects of the weekend’s half marathon.

Wednesday, 11/8, Rest day

Rest day and Resting metabolic rate test with Charles Coaching and Nutrition Services. I’ve decided to try to clean up my nutrition a bit and this is step one. Weird but cool.

Thursday, 11/9, Late School Bus Crew – Fartlek: Mixed, 5.3 miles (9:22 pace)

Two miles easy then 3 min, 2:30, 2 min, 1:30, 1 min, equal parts fast/recovery running, 1 mile cool down. I did this same workout after the Hartford half and ended up with a 7:03 average pace for that last fast minute. Today, I really wanted a sub-7 pace on that and boom! I don’t see a lot of numbers in that range so even though it’s just a minute, I will take it!

Friday, 11/10, Veterans’ Day – 6 easy miles (9:29 pace)

Easy run with Snarky Girl except it suddenly got really cold and we froze our butts off. Almost literally because my capris kept falling down. Brrrr.

Saturday, 11/11, Early Morning Crew – Strength workout plus 30 min on stationary bike

It was way too cold today to ride outside so I skipped the ride to the gym in favor of the stationary bike once there. Boring, but I got to chat with some friends and watch the boot camp class. Weights with Tough Guy Trainer after.

Sunday, 11/12, Early Morning Crew – 9 easy miles (9:35 pace)

I met up with Rashi, Teacher Runner, and Blue Turtle for nine very chilly miles. This run was quite uneventful except for feeling like the first real training run for the Donna marathon, my goal race for the spring. No more half marathons this fall because racing around here is shutting down for the season. This is the first marathon training cycle where I am attempting to combine regular church attendance and Sunday morning long runs, which might get complicated. But, Teacher Runner and Blue Turtle didn’t even blink at the idea of 6am starts and longer Sunday outings even though neither of them has a marathon on the horizon at the moment, so we are good to go. Bring on the double digit long runs!

Total: 25 miles

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