Angelica’s Training Log – 10/16 to 10/22

Recovery week after the Hartford Half marathon

I am another newbie so I thought I’d give a short overview here. I just ran the Hartford half marathon on October 14. That was my first real race after a long break from running due to plantar fasciitis. Having just run Hartford, this week is basically recovery and then I will start training for the 26.2 with Donna marathon in Jacksonville, FL (probably, see below). I have a relatively new coach and this will be our first marathon training cycle together. It’s my sixth marathon.

I work full time as a political science professor and I have two children, so I I traditionally run early in the morning (Early Morning Crew starts around 6am) to be sure to get the running in. This fall, though, my son started high school and he now leaves the house around 6am. I am also on sabbatical. My son’s early start and my flexible schedule mean that right now, I often write from 6am-7:45am when my daughter gets up. On those days, I run around 8:45am when she leaves (School Bus Crew). I am not sure what I think of this change yet. This week I had two public lectures in the evening and I was happy to “sleep in” until 5:45am and not face the dark, but I like to run with friends and they are mostly still on the earlier schedule. So, we shall see how it plays out.

Monday, 10/16, School Bus Crew – Easy: 4 miles (10:00 pace?)  

Apparently, I am taking the running without a pace thing quite seriously because I forgot to start my watch. My two running buddies today were both old school and neither of them even wore a GPS watch! But this is a well-known route, so it was just about four miles, easy cruising around.

I spent some (probably too much) time on the Marathon Time Conversion section of trying to decide about a spring race. This site is really fun! After comparing a bunch of potential races, I came back to my original plan, the 26.2 for Donna. This activity was definitely more exciting than preparing my lectures, which is what I mostly did for work this week.

Tuesday, 10/17, Early Morning Crew – Easy: 5 miles (11:12 pace)

I used to run trails once a week with a great group of women. We are trying to get that gang up and running again (har har) and this was our first attempt. It was also the first really cold run of the fall and the first time we definitely needed our headlamps!

Wednesday, 10/18, Early Morning Crew – Yoga; School Bus Crew – Strength Training

Sometimes I bike on Wednesday, but I was sort of taking it easy. I did not feel particularly inspired by yoga either though and kept thinking I should have been writing, so this was a bit of a wash. On the other hand, Wednesday I work out with my personal trainer and that’s always amazing. Plus, we got to re-hash the Hartford race, which was super fun.

Thursday, 10/19, School Bus Crew – Fartlek: Mixed, 5.3 miles (9:24 pace)

This was the only run all week with any structure. Two miles warm-up, then 3:00, 2:30, 2:00, 1:30, 1:00 fast with equal recovery, and one mile cool down. I felt kind of blah during the warm up, probably because of too many late nights for work, but once I got going, this was really fun.

Friday, 10/20, Early Morning Crew – 2.9 mile walk + School Bus Crew – Easy: 3.6 (9:52 pace)

My trail running gang met at 6am to walk with a friend who crashed her bike at her second attempt at an Ironman triathlon a few weeks ago. The walk was a real highlight of the week, getting to see friends I hadn’t seen in ages and especially spending time with our injured buddy. Then Rashi came over for a short easy run after both kids were off to school.

Saturday, 10/21, Early Morning Crew – Yoga

I almost always go to the gym on Saturday, but I had a ticket for a book signing with Hillary Rodham Clinton. I’m a political scientist who studies women and politics, so that was pretty exciting and I bailed on the gym. I did my Yoga for Runners DVD instead. This time I did the whole thing, much better than Wednesday. Then I stood in line for four hours to see HRC so that turned out to be its own workout.

Sunday, 10/22, Brunch Crew – Easy: 8 miles (9:47 pace)

Eight incredibly delightful miles with Rashi. We had been planning a road trip for this weekend, but canceled it for various reasons. To make up for that, we had a great run and went to Northampton for brunch.

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