Angelica’s Training Log – 10.29.17

Nothing too fancy this week. A return to the track after being gone a year and five solid days of running. It still feels so incredibly great to be back.

Monday, 10/23, School Bus Crew – Biking – 10 miles, 47 minutes

After living in Connecticut for 15 years, I finally figured out some good bike routes last spring. There’s a nice loop right from my house as long as your definition of “nice” includes “hilly”.

Tuesday, 10/24, School Bus Crew – Tempo intervals on the track: 2 mile WU, 4×1200, 1 mile cool down

This was my first time back at the track in over a year. The football team was practicing so there was a lot going on and plenty to look at. I was aiming for 6:15 for the 1200s but ran them in 5:56, 6:02, 6:04, 6:05. A little too fast but not terrible considering the long track absence. Coach assured me “good enough for government work” so I will take that!

Wednesday, 10/25, School Bus Crew – 3 easy miles (9:12 pace) followed by strength training with trainer

Three easy miles with Snarky Girl then off to the gym for lifting session. All good.

Thursday, 10/26, School Bus Crew – Easy run: marathon effort: 6 miles (9:28 pace)

This run kind of annoyed me. I am trying to run by effort so I have the pace function on my watch turned off. This was supposed to be a 1 mile warm up and then 5 at marathon pace or the faster side of easy. I felt fantastic while running and spent the whole time trying to hold myself back because it seemed like I was going faster than “easy.” Then when I got home, my supposed “easy” pace had not been that fast so clearly I could have gone faster after all. Except for the mile near the end when I got pissy and charged up the two hills. Oh well.

Friday, 10/27, Early Morning Crew – Easy run: 5 miles, trails (11:38 pace)

Fingers crossed that my trail group really is coming back together! Four of us managed an early Friday morning run, which is a great sign. These women helped launch my marathon career by promising to keep me company during long runs even though none of them was training for a marathon. It’s so great to be back running with them.

I also registered for the DONNA Marathon in Jacksonville while sitting in Starbucks waiting to go pick up my son late in the day. Exciting and nervous making!

Saturday, 10/28, Early Morning Crew – Bike to gym (11 miles), lift, bike home (11 miles)

It’s getting colder so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll manage the biking part of this escapade but it’s fun while it’s possible. I leave as early as I can, before the family is awake. Hubby juggles dance class and other kid commitments until I get done.

Sunday, 10/29, Early Morning Crew – Progression run: 9.1 miles (9:19 pace)

After getting irritated on Thursday, I really wanted this run to go well and it did. Snarky Girl and I got an early start. We managed the progression from slower to faster miles even with no peeking at my watch. I felt really strong throughout and especially during the faster miles. And as we were finishing up, we ran into Teacher Runner so we had an impromptu trip to the café for coffee. Perfect!

Total mileage: 29

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