Sock Review: Angelica Tests the Rockay Accelerate Running Sock

This review is in partnership with Rockay, which provided products for testing.

Rockay is a new kid on the block in the running apparel world, and is using fabric made from recycled materials to create two products, the Accelerate socks and calf compression sleeves. Their accelerate socks retail for $14.95 and come in several colorways.

Like many runners, I can be picky when it comes to my socks. No squinching in my shoes or bunching up around my toes, please! They have to be thick enough, but not too thick, and they absolutely must fit over the collar of my shoes. I do like fun socks that look good, but comfort and performance are the queens of the sock department.

How does the Accelerate stack up?

I have a drawer full of socks, but of course have my favorites. I generally reach for the Darn Tough brand but I run in a wide range, from New Balance to Feetures! to Balega. I like a sock that is thin, but warm, which is especially important in winter here in New England. I don’t generally run in compression socks so I look for a sock that’s comfortable, keeps my feet toasty, and if possible, looks good.

Out of the Package

When I opened the Accelerates, I felt like I had entered the world of fancy running gear. I’ve certainly never purchased socks with a snazzier package. The stark black packaging is sharp, and I was impressed by the lack of tags puncturing the socks, which can pre-create the possibility of holes. I also noticed the “Guaranteed for Life” statement on the back – socks with a lifetime warrantee are the holy grail of the running world!

Notable about this company are their efforts use environmentally sustainable materials in their products. These socks are 66% polyamide (from ocean plastic), 30% organic merino wool, and 4% elastane. They are aiming to “produce the best running products the world has seen while helping to save our planet from the destructive and environmentally damaging path that it is currently on.” Noble and ambitious!

I don’t expect socks to change my life; they are socks, after all. But a well-documented struggle with plantar fasciitis means I am always on the lookout for socks with great arch support, and Rockay definitely features that, highlighting the sideways-ribbed arches (read: extra-huggy) of their socks in the contrast color, in my case, bright yellow. When I put them on, they felt really good. Not too snug, but you can notice that little extra support through the arch of the foot. That can’t be a bad thing! These Accelerate socks feel great on my feet!

Rockay accelerate socks

I’ve worn the socks for runs of 4-6 miles and also to the gym. Once I put them on I really didn’t think about them, which is exactly what you want from athletic socks. They are cut low, below the ankle, which, combined with their snazzy colorways means they blend well with any outfit. Best of all, I’ve worn them in weather as cold as 25 degrees and my feet didn’t get cold. Because they have an anti-stink coating, Rockay says you can hang them up without washing them, but I wasn’t willing to test that feature out. So far they hold up great in the laundry and look brand new even after having been worn several times. One of the true tests of sock quality is how they hold up over time. There’s no way to find that out in just a few weeks, but that lifetime guarantee is promising!

Rockay is clearly pushing the envelope by using more sustainable materials and creating a product concept that appeals to customers’ needs on every level. Not only do I like these socks, I like the philosophy behind these socks. Sure, at $14.95 a pair they aren’t cheap, but the cost is comparable to other high-quality athletic socks, and when you combine the extra support, a lifetime guarantee, overall comfort, and the responsible sourcing of materials, the Accelerate running sock is worth it. If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for a runner or just want to treat your feet, go for some Rockay Accelerate socks. You’ll love them!

5 out of 5 snails for Rockay Accelerate socks!

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