Adobo’s Training Log – 3.20-3.26

I took a serious vacation from running this week. What I thought would be a couple days off to basically reset/recharge turned into four straight days off! At first I was freaking out like I was going to lose all my fitness in the span of four days, but by day two of my little training vacation I realized the world isn’t going the end and this vacation was much needed. Monday to Wednesday was my “Spring Break Vacation”, so I will officially start my log on Thursday:

Thursday (3/23): An evening stroll around the neighborhood with Mr. Adobo before dinner. I confessed to Mr. Adobo that feel recharged and the itch to lace up and run is in full effect! The Adobos stroll was about 1.70 miles.

Friday (3/24): Run date with Mr. Adobo! An easy 3 miles in 70 degree weather!!! I love warm weather.

Saturday (3/25): 12 miles…I don’t know if it was the smartest thing to do to run that long after taking a mini vacation, but it just felt good to run far. It also went by pretty fast thanks to shared miles with a friend. We both started on opposite sides of the trail and literally met in the middle.

Sunday (3/26): Took this day off to meal prep for the week and gear up for a full new week of training.

This has definitely been the lowest mileage week this year, but it was needed. Now, to resume training fully recharged!

I am pixie haired, tattooed social introvert, "domestic Goddess"(a.k.a., a homemaker), originally from Chicago. I traded in my party girl high heels for running shoes years ago and my life since then has changed for the better! When I am not chasing down my big, hairy, scary, running goals, you can find me hiking with Mr. Adobo, trying to execute various Pinterest recipes, or getting lost in a good running book. Pizza, coffee and, scary movies are the way to my heart!<3

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