Adobo’s Training Log – 3.19.17

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This week was a tough week for me, indeed. I had some personal stuff going on that reflected majorly on my training and my racing performance.

Monday(3/13):  Pre run yoga practice first and then…Sweating! Freaking! Balls! I overdressed for my easy run making it feel like I was running in a heated tent. Tried to peel off clothes and continue to run but, when I hit the wind, was freezing. Just couldn’t win with the weather this run, but got it done. 6 easy miles total.

Tuesday(3/14): Pre run yoga practice and then a crazy titled workout (Short Steady State Run with  Appetizer and Dessert) that was just that, CRAZY. It’s been quite a while where I literally wanted to give up during a workout but, it was less about the workout it’s self and more about the weather conditions. When I started the warm up it was somewhat windy and sunny.

When I started my SSR part of the run, it turned into a mini blizzard and there were two times I had to stop because the wind was literally pushing me back on an open somewhat hilly “track”. I was pretty mad at myself all night for stopping during my workout but, Mr. Adobo kept talking me it was the perfect mental training to prep me for poor race conditions…if that happens. That was 8.01 miles. Followed by a post run yoga practice.

Wednesday (3/15): Runners Love Yoga: Core Workout…all about that #ExtraSalt, girl!!! Then, an easy 4 with the hubby-our weekly run date.

Thursday(3/16): Talk about a weird day for me…I had one of those runs where you just didn’t want to run at all. This usual happens to me when you know, Aunt Flo comes to visit and I get that annoying pre PMS where I am just extra sensitive about everything. I literally quit my run at mile almost 3 and walked back home. Got home and cried…Mr. Adobo hugged me and said you need a break. So, I took one.

Friday(3/17): Disconnected from the world and had a “me day”.

Saturday(3/18): Foam rolled and stretched. Doing the little things to help keep my body loose and ready for the No Luck Irish Run 5k the next day.

Sunday(3/18): I woke up not wanting to race which, never has happened to me before. I signed up for this so, of course I attended and raced. 3 mile warm up with my husband running some of the  race course (to preview). Then the race-honestly, I gave my first mile some heart and just mentally fell apart which reflected on the rest of the race.

I did manage to move into 3rd overall female and just tried to maintain that position for the rest of race. The highlight of the race for me was watching my friends PR and place in the 5k and half marathon. And, can we talk about these sweet sun glasses we got for our award!?!? I wore them around the house the rest of day because, they are so stinking COOL!!!

Well, I am not sure if I am feeling burnt out and need to take a mini vacation to refocus and make sure my heart is completely there for running or, I am just being baby. Whatever it is it needs to go because I have goals, people but, I also know that it is important to listen to your body and gives it what it needs. Hopefully, this training week will be better!



I am pixie haired, tattooed social introvert, "domestic Goddess"(a.k.a., a homemaker), originally from Chicago. I traded in my party girl high heels for running shoes years ago and my life since then has changed for the better! When I am not chasing down my big, hairy, scary, running goals, you can find me hiking with Mr. Adobo, trying to execute various Pinterest recipes, or getting lost in a good running book. Pizza, coffee and, scary movies are the way to my heart!<3

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