Add a Little Romance to Your Runs

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runner romance holding handsWhen thinking about planning a date, going for a run might not be the first thing that pops into your head. But getting speedy with your sweetie is a great way to get your heart rates up together, literally.

Surprisingly, running dates can be quite romantic, as long you know how to make them that way. But choosing to make a running date a real date is not without pitfalls. Simply adding the intention of romance is not enough to ensure your date will be successful. When planning to take your amor out for some miles, here are a few ways to ensure you have more dates in your future.

Communication Is Key

Ask any couple married for decades and they’ll tell you how important communication is for lasting love, and it’s equally true for your budding romance. Before your run date, it’s important to settle on things like distance and pace.

It’s also a good idea to decide ahead of time what you plan to do after your run. If you’re going to get lunch or coffee, you and your date might want to be sure to bring money or even a change of clothes.

Take the Pressure off

Spending time with someone you really like is great, but it comes with a lot of pressure. Pressure makes us nervous, and when we’re nervous we’re not our best, most fun selves. One way to relieve some of this pressure is to meet your date as part of a larger group run. You can start with the group and have other people to talk to, avoiding the chance for that awkward silence. Then, as you warm-up your legs and your conversational skills, the two of you can run off together without those beginning-of-the-date jitters.

Along the same lines, plan to run in an active place. Trail running is great, but the two of you alone in the woods might put more pressure on you to do all the talking. Plus, it’s hard to pay attention to your date when you’re staring at the ground to avoid face-planting. If you run somewhere with lots of other things going on and other people around there are plenty of topics for conversation.

Keep It Easy

Even the most competitive runner couples should avoid a track workout or long run for a romantic run date. The focus of the event should be your sweetheart, not your splits. A three hour long run might strain the conversational skills of even the most chatty duo. So keep the run relatively short and conversationally paced for both of you.

Choose your start near restrooms and parking if needed. If you’re planning to go out after the run, consider meeting somewhere within walking distance of your final destination.

Stay Comfortable

No one likes to be that person, the one who needs to dash behind the bushes mid-run, particularly not on a date! With that reminder, we know we don’t need to tell you to be careful what you eat and drink in the hours before your romantic meet-up.

When it comes to what to wear, if in doubt, opt for comfort over style. Pick a running outfit that you know makes you feel comfortable and happy to wear. 

Listen Curiously

Runners love talking about their accomplishments and there’s nothing wrong with that … to a point. We all know runners can be competitive and, unless you’re both pros, it’s likely one of you has been more successful than the other. Instead of inviting bragging by talking about awards and PRs, ask about your date’s running philosophies and experiences. You know you already have one thing in common: your run love.

What’s your secret to adding romance to a run date? 

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  1. Brian doesn’t run often, but occasionally I get him out for a few miles with me around the block- usually we spend the time catching up about anything and everything…and also planning what we are going to eat afterwards. Sometimes we will just go straight to grocery store after and make the run date a meal date and then cook at home together after too. Cheesy, but that’s the kind of thing that works for us. keep it easy and simple!

  2. My husband and I call it “doubles therapy” — it’s so nice to join up at the end of the day for an easy run together, even if it means that cooking dinner happens a little later. This was how we spent Valentines Day and are also planning more of these therapy sessions in the next few days when we are going to be in Arizona for family “spring training camp.”

  3. These photos are adorable!

    My husband and I have rarely run together – he used to be much faster when I was just getting started, and now he hardly ever runs so I am much faster. But we do try and get out for xc ski dates!

    1. Aren’t Coriander and Mr. Coriander the cutest?! My husband and I downhill skied together over the weekend. He’s an avid skier and I DO NOT SKI, except our 8 year old is taking lessons and had a free parent pass and begged me, so I caved and went and my husband and I had the best time together during my son’s lesson. He helped me get over my fear and I didn’t fall once! Woohoo! But I think I do still prefer running dates 🙂

  4. Before we married, my husband used to run with me all the time. As soon as we tied the knot, our running dates were over. Turns out he hates running (unless it’s after a ball), but loves to be with me and needed a good excuse. 15 years later, and we’ve done maybe 2 run dates together since our pre-marriage days. That said, those two dates were fun (for me) and we had good conversation. Running is the best therapy.

    1. My next post is going to be tips for getting your husband to run with you once you’re contractually obligated to be with him! Haha. That is really sweet though. Just gotta get him to do it more!

  5. I have some serious heart eyes for the Coriander Fam. <3 My boyfriend has a weird philosophy on running, and when he does run, he goes for a very short amount of time-- less than 10 minutes! He has tagged along on a few runs but complains that my pace is too slow. So then I told him he should come with me on track or tempo days. ;)