Why Salty?

Salt is elemental as the air we breathe, as sparkling as stars in the universe, as strong as rock. It moves our heart and other muscles and carries life through our veins. It’s a visible reminder of our essential elemental makeup. Running reveals this. And it deepens our connection with ourselves.

It reminds us that we are made of strong stuff. Running and salt are the same for us, one inextricably linked with the other. Both are an expression of our humanity and our connection to the earth.

Running, like salt, is in our blood.

Why Running?

Running is our muse. It has the ability to excite our creative passion and call forth our creative spirit. Running connects us to the earth and to ourselves in a transformative way we only experience through the process of one foot in front of the other. When we run we know ourselves more. We become the best versions of ourselves. We connect to our spirits and our greatest desires. But let’s be real; what we learn on the roads or trails serves us in life. Running teaches us perseverance, patience, commitment. It makes us powerful.

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Salty Running is an online, collaborative space for dedicated runners. We bring together the resources, inspiration, and practical knowledge, through engaging stories, written by real, inspiring runners. Not only will you find out how to run better, but together we explore how running reveals the relationships between our selves and our world.

Meet Cinnamon — Kyle Gorjanc

The current boss of Salty Running

The nerd. The doer. The one who says, “F* it! Let’s jump in!” Kyle pushes us further to the edge, to continue the conversation toward raw, human connection. She believes the fewer masks we put on ourselves, the more we’ll be appreciated and seen. The more real we are, the more honest and raw, the more people respond to us.

Meet Salty

our Founder

"I'd rather run less today so I can run more tomorrow."

Our big picture painter. The driving mind. Our chief philosopher. Laura runs on intuition and hyper-empathy. She started Salty Running to create a space for women runners to have their own voice in a traditionally male-dominated world. During her first pregnancy, she wasn’t satisfied with the information available to pregnant or postpartum competitive runners. So she did something about it and Salty Running was born. She is no longer working with SR, but her spirit lives on.

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