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Last week, I did my best to sell Salty Running readers on why you (yes, you!) should follow professional running. Hopefully, the links and videos got you started! But where do you go from here? With the first day of Olympic track and field only 25 days away (August 3rd- 12th), you need to know how to stay current on the competition. And you need it to be easy, convenient and informative. Here are three easy ways to keep yourself up-to-date.

1. Flotrack

Flotrack has an abundance of running knowledge to offer you. What they do best is cover track and field.  But Flotrack does more than just post results. They provide event videos, interview videos, articles, athlete blogs, forums and more. For many meets, such as the NCAA Track and Field Championships, Flotrack even has LIVE coverage. They do all this primary through their website www.flotrack.com, but they also have a twitter feed, facebook page, YouTube Channel, subscription email newsletter, and apps for your smart phone. Another unique feature on Flotrack is RunJunkie, an entertaining “week in review” of track and field. Whether you are grinding out miles on the treadmill or sitting in a meeting, you can keep yourself current on happenings in track and field.


Did you know the United States Track and Field has its own governing body? USATF is to runners like the American Medical Association is to physicians. USATF has a plethora of resources for runners. Some of my favorites are Pro Bios, TV schedule for races, and news briefs. USATF also has a twitter feed , facebook page, and YouTube Channel. USATF also offers affordable memberships (only $30 a year) which can be helpful for race entries, running clubs, discounts on apparel, and VIP status at select events. Plus, it is nice to support the organization that supports you as runner.

3. Universal Sports

Universal Sports is a the ESPN SportsCenter for Track and Field (as well as cycling, swimming, gymnastics and other niche sports). Universal Sports is a partnership with NBC and has the rights to broadcasts for National and World Championships in Track and Field. This makes it a great place to look for online broadcasts, photos, and meet highlights. Universal Sports has it all. A twitter feed, facebook page, YouTube Channel, subscription email newsletter and apps for iPhone and iPad. Coverage on Universal Sports tends to be pretty basic which makes it a great place to start your pro-runner tracking hobby.


Many Pro runners have their own blogs, facebook pages and twitter feeds. Some of my favorite athletes to follow on facebook are Lauren Fleshman, Amy Hastings, and Leo Manzano. But truly, search your favorite runner on facebook or twitter and I bet they have a page.

Lisa Uhl, Janet Bawcom, and Amy Hastings pose after qualifying for the 2012 USA Olympic Team in the 10,000 meter run.















So there you have it! Three easy ways to get started tracking Track and Field!

Who is your favorite runner to follow on facebook or twitter? Do you have another resource you like to use to stay up-to-date on all things Track and Field?

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I'm a pediatric physical therapist by day. Running mostly early am miles as I balance life as the mom of a toddler. With PR days in the past, my primary running goal is to be a lifelong runner. With 20+ years behind me, I still love the sport and I am truly grateful for every day I get to run.

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  1. Great guide! Gets me excited for the Olympics. I’m watching videos as we speak! I also like letsrun for racing coverage but there should be a disclaimer for that site: beware of trolls and meanies!

  2. Awesome tips! Thanks for pointing me to FLOTrack–I’d never heard of it before and it seems like such a great resource! I checked out a RunJunkies episode an really liked it.