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Woo! Another great week in the books here at Salty Running and as usual we couldn’t have done it without YOU, our awesome readers. As we do every week the Salties combed through the comments to pick our favorites for the week. We look for comments that inspire us, get us thinking, make us laugh or otherwise blow our minds. As we all discussed this week’s comments we unanimously agreed on which comment was worthy of this illustrious prize. You ready?


This week’s COTW was brought to us by Debra S.! Debra’s comment on Salty’s post about continuing to do what you love in the face of fear, “Why I Will Always Run Where I Want To,” moved us:

Yes to your post! I run at 5:00 am by myself outside 9 months of the year (the other 3 I do lunch time runs but go to work very early). Occasionally people ask how I can do that and whether I feel safe. I tell them that when I go run in the dark, my fears are in order 1. Fear that I will trip on a crack in the sidewalk and fall or run into a branch (so I wear a headlamp) 2. Fear that I will be hit by a sleep-deprived driver who is reaching for the radio or a cup of coffee while I am crossing the street (so I wear reflective clothing and watch the vehicles carefully) and a very very very distant #3 is fear of random psychopaths. So what do I do to be safe from random psychopaths? Well as a gross generalization, I don’t generally think of random psychopaths as morning people. Perhaps that is stupid but it’s true. More importantly, I take normal precautions. I vary my routes. I stay alert. I don’t wear headphones at 5:00 (more for traffic though). And I trust my instincts. If I see a car or truck idling, I cross the street or turn down another street. I take my phone with me. I try to be reasonable but not paranoid.

Years ago, I was going through a real fearful period in my life. I stumbled across a book called the Gift of Fear that literally changed my life. The book is about trusting your instincts to keep you safe and about understanding what is truly dangerous in your life and what is propaganda.

The other thing that I tell people who ask about my running so early is how wonderful it is. The streets are clear. Those cars I mentioned in #2 are rare. It is quiet. The air is still and free of exhaust. Sprinklers are going off and there is dew on the grass (occasionally). I see the garbage truck and paper truck. I see the streetlights turning off and the sky turning light blue as the sun begins to come up in the Summer months.

Debra in action!

When informed that we were bestowing upon her the prestigious Salty Running Comment of the week she said, “How exciting. I feel like quoting Sally Field ‘you like me. You really like me’ (or something like that). ” Yes, Debra. We do and we so appreciate your great contribution to the Salty Community.

When not reading and commenting on Salty Running, Debra is a busy mom of 2.  She lives with her partner and kids and runs near Austin, Texas where the summer temperatures can hit 102-106. That means she’s out before the sun rises when the temps are “only” 80-85.  After she runs she and her partner home-school the kids, an 8 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.

She’s been running for about 3 years, starting in her 40s when she got bored with spin classes and elliptical machines.  She loves the challenge and the solitude of her runs.  In 2013 she will run her third half-marathon for Team Livestrong and hopes to raise at least $1500 to fight cancer and support those living with cancer.  If you’d like to read more from Debra, she blogs about her workouts and crocheting (her other hobby) at  Her other hobbies include experimenting with brewing the perfect iced tea, reading Calvin & Hobbes books with her son and Mo Willems books with her daughter, and trying to avoid stepping on clear legos and other toys. (I hear that!)

You can also follow along with her training on Dailymile.

THANKS DEBRA and happy sweating running!



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  1. I love this one!!! Debra totally summed up how I feel and gave me more confidence in feeling that way 🙂 I also love this feature because every week I’m like “how did I miss that comment?! That was a great one!”