5 Ways to Stay #BostonStrong All Year Long!

What’s a girl to do now that Meb and Mizz Jeptoo have crossed the line and Boylston Street has been swept clean? How’s a Boston addict to cope with the long, lonely months that stretch between now and April 2015? I, for one, feel like all the helium has been let out of my pumped-up little balloon of Boston anticipation. After such an incredible build-up, not to mention one of the coolest Boston finishes EVER, I’m left wondering how to deal with this mild case of Boston Marathon Withdrawal. 

Never fear! Salty Running’s Friday 5 is here to save the day with some fool-proof ways to cope with your post-Boston blues. We can get through this together, friends!

Everything seems so...quiet! What am I gonna do?? (image from www.rferl.com)
Everything feels so…quiet! What am I gonna do?? (image from www.rferl.com)

#1: Start The Clock…and look forward to next year! Bookmark this link and obsessively follow along with the “Days Until The Boston Marathon” countdown clock. There’s only 361 days until Boston 2015!  And 725 days until Boston 2016! They’ve got us covered until Boston 2024…which is 3,644 days from now.

#2: Show Your Style…by painting a bedroom, bathroom, closet, pet or dye your own hair a lovely shade of blue and yellow. Boston Strong, all year long! Bonus points if you manage to decorate with stripes resembling the ones running down the arms of those coveted B.A.A. warm-up jackets.

#3: Relive the Moment … and don’t delete your DVR recording of live marathon coverage yet! There’s probably something in there you missed the first time. You might pick up some tips on running form from watching Shalane’s stride in slow motion or get some ideas on race nutrition by studying the way Wilson Chebet grabs his water bottles off aid station tables at full speed or … hey! Maybe you’ll be able to see yourself in the crowd at mile 18 if you look reeeeeally close. Pop some popcorn and watch all the action again … and again … and again …

#4: Get Pumped Up by scoping out all the upcoming Boston-qualifier marathons in your area. Might as well sign up for whichever one is the flattest and least likely to have hot weather between now and September. There’s still time to train your brains out and snag a BQ for next year, right?!

#5: Keep It Real

Two final words for you diehard fans: Unicorn tattoo.

How are YOU handling the post-Boston blues? Missing it already? Got any plans brewing for next year? 

I'm a nomadic runner who loves moving from city to city with my husband and Great Dane. I write about training with a Type-B personality, battling bad running habits, and becoming comfortable with sub-3 marathon racing despite my race-phobia. After a soul-searching year away from running, I'm thrilled and terrified (thrillified?) to be making a major comeback in 2018!

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  1. Matching tattoos for all of us! 😉 If you need some (ink)speration, plug in a Google image search for “Boston Marathon tattoos.” Unicorns are just the beginning!

  2. Love this! Here’s an add to the list for #2 – I have yellow flowers in blue pots on my porch, may try to keep the theme going as long as I can.