5 Running Outfits to Wear to the Bar

imageRunners can be found in many places. The track, the road, the trail, corporate offices, parent-teacher conferences, Whole Foods, and hair salons. And one extra special place – the bar.

Sometimes I go to the bar with my friends only to hang out with them … without drinking any alcohol. They hate me for this. During training season I typically avoid drinking excessively. Wine with dinner every now and then or a beer at a happy hour.

But sometimes even the most serious runner’s gotta cut loose. Whether you’re consciously choosing to wear running gear to the bar for comfort purposes or you’re running late (again) for happy hour and finish your tempo cool-down at the pub, there is a running outfit and a matching drink for you. Let the bad decisions begin.

Tempo to the bar on a friend and me on the right and Pumpkin in uniboob-inducing sports bra under cute top on the left.

1. Track Jacket

A track jacket accessorized with loose curls, a glamorous ponytail, or even a high bun is a good way to get that Olympic opening ceremony vibe. A track jacket on top of a dress – super high fashion. A track jacket on top of any other running apparel will make you look like you literally exited the track and entered the bar.

Drink to match? A dry Rosé.

2. Peekaboo Sportsbra

Remember the trend of wearing a sequined bra under a transparent top? Or the more recent bralette trend? Forget that. If you want your bra to be visible, just wear a sportsbra to the bar, or more ideally, to the club. If you spill something on your shirt, just tear that sucker off.

Drink to match? Pinot Noir.

3. Compression Socks

Boot socks are all the rage, but why not mix a little business with pleasure and wear those handy compression socks under a pair of boots? Go with black if you want to blend in. Wear a neon pair if you want people to know you have a 5am training run in the morning; another reason to address why you’re at the bar but not drinking.

Drink to match? A Moscow Mule if going chic in black, coconut water if opting to use your socks to signify you’re teetotaling marathon training intentions.

Ginkgo adding a lovely Salty "Get Chicked" shirt to the mix on the left and Chamomile rocking capri tights under a dress on the right.
Ginkgo adding a lovely Salty “Get Chicked” shirt to the mix on the left and Chamomile rocking capri tights under a dress on the right.

4. Running Tights

All day, every day. I wear running tights more than I wear any other piece of clothing. And I’ve totally worn them to the bar with a dressy sweatshirt and a necklace. And Nikes. Tights at the bar scream, “I seriously do not give a shit. I’m here to have a good time.” For a classy move, wear under a dress! One would think a single woman would try a little harder to impress people, but me and the running tights are a package deal, bro.

Drink to match? A seasonal ale.

5. Running Skirt + Garmin Watch

The running skirt should be the obvious bar-friendly garment. If you overindulge and take a spill or dance on a table, the running skirt has you covered. Literally. And forget about Apple and Michael Kors watches. If you want a chic pop of color, slide that Garmin onto your wrist before a night out. Between shots you can measure how much distance you cover going back and forth to the bathroom. That’s a true test of endurance.

Drink to match? Bourbon. Neat.

Cinnamon's Garmin autolaps cocktails.
Cinnamon’s Garmin autolaps cocktails.

What running clothes are you most likely to be rocking at the bar?

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