5 Runners Who Can Warm Your…er…Heart

Friday 5So I asked the Salty gals for some inspiration for this week’s Friday 5, and immediately someone piped up with “VALENTINES!!”

Sigh.  Oh yeah.  It’s that holiday I can’t abide.  Not that I don’t like the idea of love, it’s more that I resent corporations convincing us that we’re inadequate if we’re not buying flowers and diamonds for our sweethearts.

But then I remembered that Valentine’s Day is also an excuse to get sexy.  Which I can always get behind…or in front, or on top, as the case may be…  And I’m not the only one!

Let’s face it, running isn’t just sweaty, it’s hot.  And when you take a look at these 5 sexy runners, it’s gonna get even hotter.

1. James Ellington

When I started looking at the 2012 GB “Athletics” team, I noticed a nearly inexplicable amount of hot dudes.  In fact, I have a really tough time choosing my favorite (though I can’t not mention this photo of mop-topped long jumper Chris Tomlinson that made me nearly faint).  In the end, though, I always dig the edgy types. And while James Ellington’s close-cropped hair thing is not generally my cup of tea, I. Love. Tattoed. Dudes.

And there’s something really sexy about a guy that loves running so much he sells himself on Ebay to support his training, right?  Even though the Ebay thing fell through, sprinter James Ellington had built himself a fine following and scored a deal with a men’s skincare company that took lots of hot pictures of him.  Thanks, King of Shaves!


2. Anton Krupicka

Okay, okay, I know.  There are so many pictures of Anton looking like Jesus-in-running-shorts on top of a mountain that it’s almost comedic, but there’s no denying that his body and his attitude both have je ne sais quoi.  Maybe it’s the hippie thing–it reminds me of patchouli-smelling college lovers.  Maybe it’s his genuine and undeniable love for communing with nature through running.  Maybe it’s that his cute little blogspot blog makes him seem so accessible and human.  Or maybe it’s that he’s so often pictured almost naked?

I plucked this from Anton’s blog, antonkrupicka.blogspot.com, and I’m really hoping neither he nor the photographer like…sues us or anything. I mean, we’ll happily take it down.


3. David Oliver

Rowr! img via http://davidoliversub13.com

Hey, runners aren’t all scrawny guys! David Oliver ranks number one on my list under the category of “boyfriend hot,” meaning he’s the total package of bring-him-home-to-the-parents sweet and a body that makes you melt.  Not only are his legs built for speed, one look at his romance-novel-worthy torso and those jaw-dropping arms will make you imagine him picking you up and tossing you on a bed like a rag doll.  And that smile just makes him movie star handsome.

In fact, Oliver’s so damn sexy he wound up on Buzzfeed’s “The 11 Hottest Male Athletes as Ranked by a Straight Man.

Who wouldn’t want to kiss the mouth that smiles like that? img via Wikipedia


4. Michelle Jenneke

If there’s one thing I can say with certainty about Michelle Jenneke it’s, I want one.  Something about that perky little ponytail with the bow in it just puts my knickers in a twist.  Her whole cute-as-a-button thing has got to be a total act, right?  It just screams “corrupt me!”  She makes me wish for a satellite dish, so I can sit through hours of Australian track meets in hopes of watching her some more.  And then rewinding and watching again in slow motion.

Her pre-race warmup dance rocked the press in 2012 when she kicked butt hurdling in the Junior World Championships, and someone–we can only assume this person is a genius–put it in slow mo and set it to “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Whoever you are…thank you.  Oh my god, THANK YOU.


5. Nick Symmonds

The number one hottest attribute a person can have is being comfortable with his body. Back when Nick Symmonds was sponsored by Nike, he did a video for their Bear Butte training camp that featured him very comfortable in the wilderness. And once Nike no longer kept him in running gear…he posted this.

Wooooo!  Someone get me some ice…or some privacy…I feel like getting comfortable myself!  And just for fun (and since Twitter seems to not be loading the photo right), here’s the video:

Who’s the hottest runner you know?

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  1. I have this secret thing for Tony Krupicka. He’s not my type at all but he does look like Jesus and he runs. I love Jesus and I love running. It’s a win-win!