5 Post-Run Hairstyles to Rock This Summer!

Every runner magazine has a filler piece on running hairdos, but we’re the first and only to pad our content with POST-run styles!

Are you forlorn about your hair as you do your cool-down stretches at your car, as you ride the elevator back to the gym to shower, or as you grab the mail after getting in your miles? Ladies, are you sick of only getting cat-called and whistled at while running? Do you want all the ladies in the yard to sweat your sweaty style?

Gals, you’re in luck: we have just the ‘dos for you. Bonus! These coifs are downright after-prom-worthy!

The Sweaty, Matted Mess

This look uses the natural styling properties of sweat to create a chaotic ratty look. To achieve, after running, uncarefully remove ponytail and โ€” voila!

The Wilted Wonder

This one can be worn in two ways. How versatile! To achieve, run when the dew point and the air temperature are twinsies. That’s it!

Short and Sweat โ€”ย With Wings!

For you ladies who dare to bare your napes with your man-like short locks, this is for you. To achieve, put short hair up before running and naively believe it will stay that way. Run.

The Freedom Braid

In America we like French stuff, but we prefer freedom. The same is true with our braids. This Freedom Braid is like a French Braid, but with added liberty. USA!

The Everyone-Hates-You-Because-Your-Hair-Looks-Fabulous-After-A-Run

Screw you, Pimento. Srsly.

What’s your favorite post-run coif?

Cinnamon made Salty Running, takes lots of pictures and drinks lots of coffee. By day she's a camera assistant for films and tv in New York, and by night she's on a quest for zen in the 10k. Her writing is a mix of satirical humor, finding wholeness as an average runner, cheering for runners at all paces and more.

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  1. Thank you for my Friday morning belly laugh! HAH!
    p.s. Let’s hear it for the straight on top-sweaty-curls-on-bottom look for us curly girls. Put hair in ponytail. Run. Shower with hair still in pony b/c if your shampooed every day your dry ol’ locks would fall out. Take hair out. It’s like having two heads of hair in one!

  2. The Ripley 3.0.
    Shave head. Nobody will know whether you’re coming or going, warming up or cooling down. BONUS: You can enjoy a whole new set of taunts as you’re mistaken for a dude wearing a pink bra.