5 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Chafe

trackIt’s October and that means we are right smack in the middle of marathon season. I, myself, entered The Akron Marathon last week at the last minute. To my surprise, I did not blister or have any bathroom problems nor did I have any thigh rubbing thanks to good ol’ Vaseline. However, I did not know until after the race that there were some other places I should’ve greased up. Talk to enough marathoners and you’ll learn of all kinds of weird places you might chafe!

1. Your upper lip. This one usually happens in the winter for me. I always keep a travel case of Vaseline in my car for post snowy miles. If you are not careful though, you could end up with a Hitler stash like I did one winter after a botched lip wax and a jog in 19 degrees.

2. Anywhere that touches sequins. Especially avoid running in any tops covered in sequins. Although I didn’t chafe here during last week’s race, I was dancing one night in a tank top adorned in sequins. When I woke up the next morning, I thought I had caught some funky skin rash on the dance floor. So next time you decide to run in a spangly tutu, beware!

Sequins 1
Pretty, yet painful on a long run. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Under your boobs. Doesn’t matter if you are an A or DD, you’re still at risk due to sweat, skin type, and the lovely sport bra. But the more important question here is why do men’s nipples bleed more than women when running?

4. Your lady parts.  Ugh! No bueno! This can be a big problem when wearing tights in the winter. The fix: Lube the crotch of the offending garment or as recommended by fellow Salty runner Jasmine, cover the area with 2 inch 3m transpore medical tape before embarking on your journey.

5. Your butt crack. This one is actually more common than you think after I conducted my unofficial survey and research. Turns out anyone is at risk on a hot day with many miles. Another reason why this is common? Well, we runners often have bathroom problems before and during races. Sometimes wiping all the way is just not an option. And so, yeah. You get the point. Better add some diaper cream to your lubing routine!

English: Diaper fetishist in a pvc diaper
Coming to a marathon near you. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you had any experiences with chafing in these areas? What are some your chafing horror stories?

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  1. I have to be careful where I stash Gu bc that foil beats the shit out of me! It’s best to put in a pocket but my stomach likes me better if I eat half a pack then the second half 15-20 mins later. I usually stash it in my bra btw my little ladies or under a side strap, and either place usually winds up with some scratches.

  2. Ginger, those pictures are really scary!

    I hate e clavicle chaffing the most. If I wear cheap sports bras it’s a given. I also hate the privates chafing in the winter. Awful! Friends, never borrow my body glide 🙂

  3. The tops of a few ties chafed on my 1/2 marathon today due to the seams of my socks. First time for that ever. Shower was cruel.

  4. Haha, really happy to hear I am not the only one with butt crack chafe issues.
    I definitely lube that up pre-race if I can. At T2 of my Ironman race earlier this year with a gob of lube on my hand (my body glide bar had melted/broken in the Texas heat), I looked at the poor volunteer helping me and told her “this is about to get real”. She just laughed.

  5. As a sometimes ultra runner, I maintain that over the course of 100+ miles, even the outsides of one’s calves – seemingly untouched by anything – can chafe.

    I’ve chafed from the tongues of my shoes.
    And, I’ll second Salty on the clavicle chafing.

    Along the same lines – heat rash (or something like it). In all kinds of weather. Often happens on my feet and ankles when wearing trail socks (3/4 cut) and gaiters for hours on end.

    Pro Tip: Seek out those areas of chafing BEFORE the post-run shower and cover with Desitin (purple tube, diaper cream with zinc oxide).
    Keeps the screams down in the shower (which can lead to embarrassing offers of aid) and the zinc can help speed healing.