5 Marathons to Follow This Fall

spice5When you think of fall you probably think of pumpkins, leaves, the colors orange and brown, hay bales, and more pumpkins that beg to be spiced and placed in our food, candles, and lotions. My local taco joint joked that they are now serving pumpkin spiced tacos. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone was willing to try. I must admit, I’m a fan of the pumpkin spiced everything but there’s something else I’m an even bigger fan of during this time of year that I’m sure you all are, too: fall marathons!

Go grab your pumpkin spiced latte and make yourself comfortable because I’m bring you 5 marathons you should need to keep an eye on this fall. Whether it’s making waves in the news, featuring up and coming elite athletes or our very own Salties, we want you to have inside scoop on this season’s biggest races.

1. Twin Cities. Every fall, Twin Cities is known for a decent elite field and has previously hosted the USA Marathon Championships. It’s a race that gets a great turnout and great reviews. This year is no different but it also faces a potential protest by the St. Paul Black Lives Matter group. The interwebs are buzzing from all sides of the spectrum, from protesters stating that they intend to make a statement about white privilege to angry runners stating they intend to knock protesters over if they get in their way at mile 25.

Race officials released a statement this week indicating that they are working with all parties to ensure a safe race for all. The St. Paul mayor and police chief also indicated that they would arrest anyone who attempts to disrupt the race, citing safety concerns. No matter what happens, this story, keeps us talking about social justice issues

2. Chicago. The elite field in Chicago this year sees the current women’s half marathon world record holder (65:09!), Florence Kiplagat. Some of our very own from the United States though are shooting for big breakthroughs and breaking records. On the men’s side Instragram favorite and 2:11 marathoner Fernando Cabada seeks to lower his PR and increase his chances of nabbing a spot on next year’s Olympic team. On the women’s side, the great Deena Kastor hopes to beat Colleen De Reuck’s US Master’s Marathon record of 2:28.

Coming to a LRS near you!
Coming to a LRS near you! Image via Pumpkin Spiced Body Glide Is Us, Inc.

3. Columbus. No, it’s not a world marathon major but it was voted Salty Running’s Best Marathon That’s Not New York, Chicago, or Boston. And three of our very own have plans to tackle the course. Plus, Clove, her race director hubby and staff never disappoint. Be sure to follow along in the next few weeks to support Jasmine, Gingko, and Catnip, as they take on this most excellent course. I’ll be there this year as part of the Psyching Team. If you’ll be at the expo, stop by and say hi!

4. New York City. Because it’s so close to the Olympic Trials, many American elites are sitting this one out. But that’s not stopping 18-year-old phenom Alana Hadley from trying her legs along with New York City’s finest. Also making their debuts are Olympic 10,000 meter Silver Medalist, Sally Kipyego and American Laura Thweatt, who’s been making a name for herself at various USATF races the past few years. Cinnamon and Caper are set to run this year as well.

Don't forget your pumpkin spiced sports tampons, either! Complete with motivational phrases to read as you unwrap the aromatic flavors.
Don’t forget your pumpkin spiced sports tampons, either! Complete with motivational phrases to read as you unwrap the aromatic flavors. Image via PSST not TSS, Inc.

5. Olympic Trials Marathon. Ok, so the this race is actually in February of 2016. However, this fall many runners are either training for the big show or tackling the races above in an effort to qualify at the last minute. We here at Salty Running plan to feature OTQ’ers through interviews and profiles so be on the look out both here and in your community. Many are out there working hard to make their biggest dreams come true.

Best of luck to all those racing this fall, training for the trials, or have loved ones you are supporting. And, don’t forget to send your well wishes to Cardamom, who is taking on Wineglass and Sage, who is taking on the Portland Half Marathon this weekend. Go get ’em, ladies!

Are you running a fall marathon? Going for an OTQ? BQ? PR? Or just really excited to see what happens in a fall marathon? Tell us!

I write about mindfulness, mental health, and the professional sport of running with the occasional poking fun at the sport. When I am not running, I'm either helping people as a counselor or trying to make them laugh as an amateur open mic comedian.

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  1. I’m absurdly happy to report I just ran St. George, got a 10 min PR, and am now a 3:23 marathoner. Great racing to all you folks next week! I love this time of year!

  2. Ran Twin Cities today! The hills the last several miles were tough, but I still managed a 7 minute PR. This was my first time running TCM – it was a beautiful course with incredible spectator support! And as far as I know, there were no disruptions due to protestors or otherwise.