5 Lessons From Snooki

Have you ever wondered what Jersey Shore’s Snooki can teach you about running? Well wonder no more! Here’s Salty Running’s illustrated guide to Nicole Polizzi’s wisdom for runners.

Take it away, Snooki!

1. Pickles are delicious.

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2. Be yourself.

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3. Sometimes you have to let the mascara run to put in a good performance.

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4. Let loose and have fun once in a while (or all the time).

Pepper Spraying Cop vs Snooki
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5. Roll with the punches. This is the big one.

Sure, Snooki has rolled with actual punches, but lately she’s shown how she deals with life’s big figurative punches as well. As everyone in the universe knows by now, Snooki is 24 and unintentionally pregnant. She’s 24, known for partying and getting drunker than a skunk and unintentionally pregnant. Check that. She’s 24 and makes millions of dollars off of her reputation for partying and getting drunker than a skunk and is unintentionally pregnant. Getting pregnant surely means she must throw in the towel and give up her life as a reality tv star.

Or does it?

Just a couple of days ago MTV announced that despite her pregnancy Snooki would return for the 6th Season of the Jersey Shore, baby bump and all. While I won’t go into whether I think it’s good judgment to live in a house with a bunch of people known for drunken craziness and indiscriminate hook-ups, I have to give her credit for taking this surprise and using it to her own advantage. Just as she’s done before with hideous slippers, her guide to “guidette” style and her trashy novel, Snooki can spin what appears to be her weaknesses into a cash machine (her slippers are sold nationwide at Kohls and she’s a New York Times bestselling author!) Surely there will be low-brow baby products and Snooki parenting advice books on-sale soon to similar effect (and hopefully behind the scenes she’ll be an excellent parent–again, I’ll save the judgment for now).

And that my friends is Snooki’s lesson to you. Surprises spring up in every training cycle and during every race. If you’re a little ballsy and a lot adaptable, like Snooki you can use these surprises to your advantage rather than use them as an excuse to give up. Your life is your own reality show. When the unexpected happens, think what would Snooki do. You know it: be the star!

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi attending a ...
WWSD? Why mope when you can don your finest shiny pantyhose and feathers and be fabulous! Image via Wikipedia.

– Some chick comes out of nowhere and passes you in a race. WWSD? Let her go? Heck no, make like Snooki and let the surging racer inspire you to run harder than you would have if she never appeared. And thank her in the chute!

– The start of the race is delayed. You could use the time to freak out and tighten up or you could pull a Snooki and do an extra stride or two and use the time to visualize your supreme course domination.

– You’re plugging along with the training cycle when you become injured. Snooki wouldn’t whine and pout about it. If Snooki was a runner she’d take charge and use the time off of running to strengthen her weaknesses both physical and mental. She’d explore other areas of her life and become generally happier and well-rounded and return hungrier to run faster than she ever dreamed she could. (Hopefully if Snooki was a runner she’d wear actual running shoes and not giant slippers that sorta resemble running shoes).

-You’ve had the best training cycle of your life and 6 weeks before the big race find out you’re experiencing your own little Snooki surprise when you find out you’re pregnant. You can ditch all your running plans for the next 9 months (or let’s be realistic, 12 months). Or you could pull a full-Snooki and modify your running plans, but keep on trucking. You can enjoy a little downtime from hard training as you focus on this new chapter in your life. You can inspire countless others as you run farther back in the pack with your growing bump and head out for training runs on your favorite path. You can design your own line of baby arm warmers and headlamps and write a style guide for running during pregnancy. The world is still yours!

No matter what life’s little surprise is, take a lesson from Snooki. Don’t let the unexpected become an excuse to fade to the background. Use it as an opportunity to drunkenly roll around the beach in your fuzzy zebra slippers. Er, capitalize on the unexpected and remain the star of the show!

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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  1. Alright, I clearly live in a cave, but I thought Snooki was a guy. Thanks for clarifying. See my post a few months back on “setting priorities” for why I don’t know these things.

  2. Oh come on Greg! You’re totally a closeted Jersey Shore addict. Haha!

    I’ll let you in on a secret: I’ve never once seen the show. Another secret is that I picked up a nasty celebrity gossip blog habit in law school to break up all the heavy reading assignments. That’s the only reason I know about this stuff! I don’t even have cable!

    1. Must be something about you busy professional women – my wife does the same thing. While I sneak away to check in on dailymile or my blog, she does the same thing to visit People.com, though she watches almost no TV except for the news these days. It is amazing, though, how despite all the “noise” around you, if you do focus, you can filter out the garbage and not even be aware.

      1. It really helps to have a mindless vice, I think. It’s de-stressing and it comes in handy when looking for interesting and non-serious post material ๐Ÿ™‚