5 Indications The Lawyer Might be a Runner

Friday 5As you all probably know by now I’m a lawyer and even though I’m not currently practicing as I stay home with the kids, I still need to attend seminars every now and then to earn continuing legal education credits so when I do want to practice again I can. On Wednesday I had a seminar from 8:30 – 9:30 and as any good little runner would do I scheduled a running date while I had a sitter! I met my dear friend Christina downtown at 6:15 and we ran 8 glorious miles downtown and then I hustled back to her gym, showered and got ready for the seminar. I was right on time, grabbed a bagel and some coffee and sat down. I looked around the room and was suddenly hyper aware how painfully obvious it is that I’m a crazy runner lady! Here’s why.
1. I had a gym bag full of sweaty clothes and stinky trainers resting next to my chair rather than a briefcase.
Not exactly the height of professionalism here!

2. I really really need a pedicure, but even if I had one I might still think twice about the sandals next time.

Next time I think I'll hide my gross calloused runners feet in some pumps!

3. I was 5 shades tanner than everyone else in the room and my glaring perma-sports bra tan line was poking out of my dress.

This isn't me, but you get the point. Image via worldisround.com

4. I was the only one refueling with the bagel as anyone else eating opted for the danish and I think I irritated all my tablemates by pouring about 6 glasses of water during the hour seminar!

Español: Glass of water. Español: Copa con agua.
Sorry lawyer dudes. It was hot and humid and this momma needs to rehydrate! Image via Wikipedia.

5. When I walked in the door, home from the seminar carrying the seminar material and wearing a dress, sandals, makeup and hair actually done my three year old doesn’t blink and asks, “how was your run, momma?”

Have you ever felt like the only runner in the room?

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  1. Ha! I love it and can relate to all of it. Especially the perma-sports bra line. I wore sandals the other day and realized (after I got to the office) I still had no toenail on one of my right toes (thanks Wisconsin Marathon). Oops. I don’t think anyone noticed though. 🙂

  2. I ALWAYS feel like I’m the only one at work who runs – or at least who runs as much as I do. I try to wear open tank tops at work through the summer to help minimize my sport-bra tan!

  3. My sport bra tan is out of control right now! you would fit right in with our lunch crew full of runners though 😉 Lots of lawyers in that bunch! Granted all men, they probably hide it better.

  4. LOL! I know exactly what you mean. I’m a teacher and leave for work at 6:15am every morning. SO needless to say, pre-work runs are out of the picture for me. However, before any night event–open house, parent-teacher conferences, NHS induction, and the list goes on–I ALWAYS skip the group dinners and run. In fact, I hit the gym before an overnight bus ride to Quebec with the kiddos this winter. I have it down to a science at this point,and have mastered the transition back to professional world without too many traces of my workout of the evening (or so I hope). Then later that night, I always get the, “HEY waiiiit…I thought I saw you running…eerr, maybe it wasn’t you,” from parents. You can run, but cleary you can’t hide! 😀

    BTW, love your website! I shared your recent stroller running tips post with some of my Mommy running friends!

  5. You’re a lawyer? Who knew. I’m not the only runner where I work but everyone has looked at me a bit differently since the company published a story on the Towpath result last year. Now I get a lot of questions, how far did you run today, what time did you get up for that one, etc. And I get a lot of coworkers seeking advice on how to start. I don’t mind a bit.