5 Things to do with Stale Peeps

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It’s Easter weekend and that means spring and the smell of stale peeps are in the air. Here at Salty Running, we’re training hard for spring races and planning ahead for some great things to come this summer. Easter weekend is a sign that the season’s changing and we’re excited to finally say goodbye to the winter months and hello to sunshine, flowers, more running and this Sunday, stale peeps.

As runners you might think those stale peeps are pretty worthless, but we have good news for you. Read on and this Easter instead of saying, “oh great. stale peeps,” we’ll have you saying, “thank you, Easter Bunny!”

English: Two rows of yellow and pink Easter Pe...
Every runner’s favorite Easter treat! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Workout those plantar fasciae. You know when you wake up and your feet are tight and your heels ache? What better way to loosen those dogs up then a little stale peep massage. Just place stale peeps on the floor beside your bed and voila! That morning foot pain is no more!

Vicious-looking dog
Oh hi doggy. Want a peep? (Photo credit: State Farm)

4. Mean dog diversion. Unleashed dog lunging at you? Bust out the peeps and make instant friends with fido! What snarling mangy beast doesn’t love an artificially colored and flavored pile of stale goo?

3. Replace your gels. As this website says, stale peeps make great race fuel. Their extreme chewiness would make for slow release of the sugary glycogen into your system. I hear the blue ones are the best.

2. Post-race foot exfoliation. Stale peeps might make good foot exfoliator after that spring marathon. Don’t eat them after using them for this though. Just a little tip, there.

Buick "dollar grin" and "Trishi...
Out of the way, little missy. Roads are for cars!

1. Prevent clueless drivers from running you off the road. That elderly guy  from down the street who hates runners aiming his 1996 Buick LeSabre at you again?  Throw peeps on the ground and book it out of the way fast. You can then trust he’ll be sure to yield next time (after he replaces his tires).

So how about you? What’s your favorite Easter/springtime treat?

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  1. Haha this is awesome. Marshmallows in general gross me out so I’ve never eaten a peep and these sound like much better uses for them than eating them.

  2. This is great! I used to really like letting my peeps get stale before I ate them. Gross, I know. Now I rarely eat them, but we have started a tradition of making them duel to the death in the microwave. It’s so childish but so entertaining!