5 (Cheesy) Songs the Salty Girls Can’t Get Enough Of

Friday 5Not too long ago, Salty used the Friday 5 to tell you five good reasons to turn the music off.  Well, after spending the week dealing with (metaphorical) demons, we wanted to lighten the mood up here at Salty Running and get your weekend off to a fun start.  And what better way to do that than to open our very own iPod vaults and let you in on the top five cheese-o-rific songs the “Salty Girls” can’t get enough of.  Our apologies in advance for each and every one of these that are stuck in your head on your long run tomorrow.

In descending order, our top 5 picks are:

5.  Justin Bieber:  Baby/Boyfriend

Only because he’s current, we’re letting “Biebs” take the number 5 spot.  Whether the original “Baby” (when he still had his “baby” voice), or the current “Boyfriend (“my voice is changing and I’m frolicking in the surf with Selena Gomez now”), Justin Bieber seems to have a spot on more than one girl’s iPod.  My take on it?  For many of the ladies on this site, I suspect it hearkens back to the days of first crushes on the New Kids on the Block … and Ricky Schroeder when he was still “Ricky” … and Zack Morris, if he would just leave Kelly Kapowski and realize that you were truly meant for each other.  You know, those young, innocent days of first love.  And come on, if he was your boyfriend …

4.  The Spice Girls:  Spice Up Your Life/Wannabe

You certainly didn’t think that all the spices wouldn’t pay homage to the original Spice Girls, did you?  I for one was surprised when “Spice Up Your Life” came to me in an email, as I had long forgotten this lesser known Spice ditty.  (I did, however, still have “Wannabe” kicking around on my own iPod.)  Wasn’t this 90’s girl-power at its best?  More accessible than Madonna in her wacky stages, I can’t help but wonder the influence these ladies might have had on today’s female pop-artists:  Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc.  These girls owned it, but they seemed more interested in just having fun than leaving a lasting message.  And in doing so, boy did they ever spice up our lives …

3.  Young M.C.:  Bust A Move

Two points to any reader that can guess which Salty Girl knows all the lyrics to this song … and still sings them on the treadmill.  An old, good time fun song, it’s the perfect blend of fun and funk to get you through those mile repeats or evil surges.  Not to mention, regardless of what some of the lyrics might try to tell you, this song is all about your next PR:  if you want it, baby you’ve got it.  But you can’t just stand there – BUST A MOVE!

2.  Cher:  Turn Back Time

When this little ditty was announced over email, a couple of Salty Girls immediately put it ON their iPods.  What woman doesn’t this campy powerhouse ballad speak to?  It could be about an ex, about a mother, about a friendship, about a single argument.  And the lyrics are almost cathartic, that second chance to let go.  You know you’ve belted it out in the car once or twice, or alone on a run when no one was looking: “too strong to say that I was sorry … too proud to say that I was wrong … I know I made you cryyyy-yyyyyy”  Just hearing it, I think of an old college roommate, my mother and my husband all at once.  And yes, I still wish I could turn back time.  But this old standard might just be the second best thing.

1.  Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch:  Good Vibrations

Marky Mark.  Summer.  The debut of the boxer brief.

Feel it, feel it – feel the vibration.  (It’s good like Sunkist.)

Honorable Mention

Honorable mentions go to all things C+C Music Factory, and The Knack’s “My Sharona” … although the jury is out on whether or not the latter actually qualifies for a full “cheesy” stamp.

Now it’s your turn, ladies!  Comment away and tell us YOUR dirty iPod secrets … we promise not to tell.

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  1. Haha! I love Bieber’s Girlfriend song. Thought it was Timberlake for a long time though. 🙂 Funny post!

  2. Don’t know if it counts as cheesy, but “Something Happened on the Way to Heaven” by Phil Collins is a great power song for me.

  3. The cheesy part of My Sharona wasn’t necessarily the tune. It was the fact that it was on repeat on my cassette player while I ran loops around a 200 meter path of woods in my parents back yard 🙂