2020 Olympic Trials Marathon Bingo

It’s back, baby! Click to play Olympic Trials Bingo with us!

Olympic Trials Bingo!

Free Space

Play online by clicking the squares


Click here for a printer-friendly board, then print one for each guest at your viewing party (refresh the page for a unique board).

Keep a close eye on the action on NBC and when you spot something, mark that square. Just like in elementary school, the first player to get 5 spots in a row wins (bingo, not a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team).

But wait … there’s more!

Party with us on Twitter by tweeting @SaltyRunning using #TrialsBingo. We’ll share our Bingo progress, dissect the action, and probably make fun of the commentators. Tweet us a picture of your Bingo card for a chance to win Salty prizes! See you there!

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