The 2019 Salty Running Thanksgiving Roundtable

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

While Christmas has gradually evolved into a months-long celebration full of carols, peppermint and lights, I’m old school about observing Thanksgiving first. In fact, I think we should take more than just one day to focus on being thankful.
Yes, it’s cliché to go around the table (or in our case, the spice rack) and share what we’re thankful for, but ya know what? It’s never a bad idea to exercise a little gratitude, even if it is a few days early. Not only is giving thanks a way to slow down and get some perspective, it’s actually good for you. Studies have found numerous benefits associated with giving thanks.

So we did just that. Of course, we put a running spin on it, and asked the Saltines to share what about running makes them thankful.

Laura Parson

Thomas (left), Laura, and Kris the night before the start of her FKT attempt

1) Learning how amazing and supportive the running community is – so many strangers came out and supported my [Collegiate Loop FKT] run. I’m still so heartened by the love I feel every day from my people. 2) Finding Altra running shoes- they fit my feet perfectly and the zero drop is great for the trails and the roads. 3) Cheesy, sure, but I love our SR community. I’ve been a part of this community at varying levels almost since it began, and it has empowered and validated me in more ways than I can vocalize. I found my voice here, and that has meant everything.


Adorable kids and dogs that love stroller running with mama.


The community of amazing women runners who strive to bring us all up, together. I never realized how much I needed a strong team of women to help me reach my goals, but I’m thankful that I found them and that I can do my part to help them reach their goals, too.


This year I’m thankful for being able to run pain-free again. I didn’t accept how much I was hurting until I took some time completely off (like actually took time off) and then started running again. Rest works, folks. I’m also thankful for all the running friends I have IRL and online, and all the online friends I connected with IRL this year. (Heck, Pumpkin stayed at my house!) I’m thankful for my coach, my training partners (including my spouse), for my good races and my not-so-good ones — because every race is a chance to learn.

Brianna Traxinger

The friends (and boyfriend) I have met and maintained through running, even through the stretches where I can’t actually run.


Sassy and Angelica at the Philly Marathon this weekend

I’m grateful for my family that supports my crazy running passion 100%, for my running friends – the ones who share the road in person and the ones who lend a virtual hand, and for my team, especially my coach, who offer the guidance that keeps me running healthy and happy, mile after mile.


I’m thankful for all the places running has taken me, not just on trips and at races, but the way it’s helped me to discover hidden gems in my own community. Running has brought so many wonderful people into my life, and I’m immensely thankful for that, particularly the beautiful randomness of a long run conversation. I’m thankful for this Salty Running community – for our readers and for my fellow bloggers, who feel like sisters.


Running gives me a reason to take extra care of myself. (Not that I need a reason- but it’s so easy to neglect self care otherwise). When I’m running regularly, I pay special attention to my nutrition and meals. I also make time for sleep and set a bedtime.

Bergie’s kitten also makes time for sleep.

Now it’s your turn! What are you thankful for about running?

And with that, we’re taking a little Thanksgiving break to spend some time with our friends and family. See you next week!

Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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