Wasabi’s Training Log: 9/9 through 9/15

That's me, Saffron, and our fab Oiselle teammate Allison just moments before tearing it up out on the race course Sunday!
That’s me, Saffron, and our fab Oiselle teammate Allison just moments before tearing it up out on the race course Sunday!

Hola Salty Readers! Last week was another fun-filled training week that ran the gambit from Tempo to long run to all-out 1 mile race (my first since high school!) I closed out the week with a grand total of 48.69 miles, and you can read all about all of them here…

Monday, 9/9: Easy 8 miles. The first 4 were with my Monday night running group at work, and the second 4 were with one of my fave running gal pals and followed by my standard post-evening run fro-yo dinner! An excellent start to the training week!

Tuesday, 9/10: Easy hour (7 miles), plus 4x 30 sec strides. Nothing fancy, just a little spin around the greenway trail with my training partner main squeeze. We threw in a few strides for good measure, and then celebrated with a yummy donut breakfast at our favorite local bakery. Best way I can think of to start a Tuesday!

Wednesday, 9/11: Tempo Work! 2x 10 min at LT pace, plus 4x 200 at goal mile pace. Typically, Wednesday is my shorter, faster effort workout day, and Friday is for tempo work. However, I am racing a road mile on Sunday, so my wise running guru, quasi coach, and fellow Salty Saffron recommended that I take it easy on Friday and tempo it up on Wednesday. (My goal race for the fall is a faster-than-ever-before half marathon, so perhaps tempo work is more valuable for me than VO2 max stuff this training cycle?) Anyway, both my 10 min LT efforts feel great and I hit mile goal pace or better on all the 200s to boot! Excitement is building for the big race!

Thursday, 9/12:  Fun and easy after-work 5 miler! Just a chatty little 5 with yet another great running girlfriend. Thursday is the extra-long day in my week when I have to work at both my jobs, so I was extra-grateful for all of the motivation and accountability that comes from running with a friend. And it was an evening run which meant more fro-yo afterwards. If you haven’t noticed already, fro-yo is a key staple of  my cooking-ignoramus single working girl diet. 🙂

Friday, 9/13: Pre-Boston Marathon registration long run. 12 miles. Needless to say, this week is shaping up to be very atypical. Sunday is traditionally my long run day, but since we are racing the mile on Sunday, and more importantly, planning on spending the remainder of the day post-race drinking all the beer, my training partner main squeeze and I switched long run day to Friday. We carefully timed our run to conclude at approximately 9 am to allow us time to grab breakfast, clean up a little, and stage an amazing “we really hope we get into Boston” photo shoot before registration for our qualifying time group opened at 10. In other news, our long run rocked! Granted, the plan was to keep it easy, but I can’t remember the last time 12 miles flew by that quickly! Oh, and spoiler alert: We got into Boston! Pumped to toe the line in Hopkinton in 2014!

Got our lucky turkeys on for Boston registration! Turns out they totally work! We're in for 2014!
Got our lucky turkeys on for Boston registration! Turns out they totally work! We’re in for 2014!

Saturday, 9/14: Rest day! Got to get the legs freshened up for tomorrow’s race! My first road mile ever! Look out high school Wasabi!  32 year old Wasabi is on a mission to destroy your lame mile PR!

Sunday, 9/15: Race day! 1 mile road race with my running bestie Saffron (who is the freshly minted Master’s mile record holder in the state of North Carolina, BTW!) and many other fabulous teammates from our local track club. I seriously considered running in my fuel belt just for shits and giggles, but decided against it at the last minute much to the great disappointment of all my friends on Daily Mile. Holy crap, y’all! Racing the mile is SO MUCH FUN. I had a great run, surprised myself with my time (5:38 vs. my goal of 5:59!), and our team took first place in the women’s division with every one of us cracking the top 25 and finishing under 5:50! Oh, and I totally kicked High School Wasabi’s ass! Saffron and I, along with our teammates, celebrated our utter race domination with plenty of beer, and you guessed, ice cream! What a great end to another fun week of training!

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