Wasabi’s Training Log: 9/3-9/9

Here it is, Salties! My very first Salty Running Training log! It’s sure to be a page-scroller, so get excited!

Monday, 9/3:  6.13 miles, 47 min. “Easy” 6 miles  with my running bestie and fellow Salty, Saffron. I put easy in quotations, because as you will see from her training logs, Saffron is kind of badass fastie, and her easy pace is certainly less easy for me than it for her. Nonetheless, I  am always grateful for the opportunity to run with her, and we enjoyed a mostly pleasant run with the exceptions of some weird side stitch trouble on my part, and an unsettling coyote sighting on the trail.

Tuesday, 9/4:  7.12 miles, 59 min.  Today I had to be at work at an obscenely early hour, so my typical morning run had to be postponed until 7pm. I felt pretty strong and assumed all was going well, but  in the end my average pace was a bit slower than what my perceived rate of exertion told me it was. No worries thought, still good miles and a pleasant run, plus there was fro-yo at the end. Fro-yo always equals winning!

 Wednesday, 9/5: 8.01 Miles,  1 hour and 5 min. Today I met up with some gal pals from my local run club for a little speedwork. The prescribed workout was 4 to 5x 1000 at 5K pace with 2:30 recovery in between, but we  ended up dumbing it down to 4 mins at 5K pace with 2 min recoveries in the name of simplified math. Hope that didn’t screw things up too much. It turned out that one of my workout mates was short on time, so we called it at 4 repeats. I completed the first 2 intervals in what I believe to be my actual 5K pace, and the second 2 in what one of the various “How to break 1:30 in the half marathon” training programs I’ve been following suggest my 5K pace should be. (This is a 20 sec per mile faster than my alleged actual 5K pace, BTW.)  I found myself adding on another mile and a half or so after dropping my friends off at the parking lot. I did it mostly because I could, and because I was feeling bad about skipping out on the 5th interval of the workout. I threw in little 6x 40 sec pick ups in hopes offsetting the guilt of over-simplifying the workout and skipping that final repeat.

Thursday 9/6: 4:59 miles, 36 min Just a little shorty run with my girl Saffron, who is also a shorty. 😉 We took a quick cruise around the campus of the company where I work before spending half an hour or so busting out an ultra-challenging core routine. Sadly it was over all too soon for me, as I had to scurry off to work while Saffron logged a few more mile, but c’est la vie.

Friday, 9/7:  9.01 miles, 1 hour and 8 min. So Friday is usually tempo day for me, and I was under the impression that we would be doing some more sustained, slightly below LT pace mileage. But there was some confusion among the group and what ended up happening was 3x 5 min at 10K pace. (Hmm, this sounds an awful lot like Wednesday’s 4x 4 min at 5K pace!) I did pretty well on the first and the 3rd repeats, but got a little worked up and went out a little fast-ish on the one and the middle. The great cool weather and low humidity felt amazing, and I enjoyed the awesome company and motivation of my fab running friends as always!

Saturday, 9/8: Rest day FTW!

Sunday, 9/9: 12.01 miles, 1 hour and 34 min. Sunday is historically known in my running circle of friends as “Sunday Funday” which is code for” long run followed by major coffee shop gossip session” day. Since my alleged tempo workout for the week ended up being essentially the same thing as my speed workout, Coach Saffron and I decided it might be fun to throw a little tempo-like work into the long run. Since my goal for the fall racing season is a new half marathon PR, practicing running fast on the long run seemed like a sensible thing to do. I was kind of thinking that I could just count some of the early miles of the run which I ran a good deal faster than my usual long run pace in effort to keep with my speedy run buds toward the tempo effort the tempo effort, but Saffron had other plans for me. At mile 7 she declared a 2 mile tempo effort. After that she granted me an 800 m break, but dang if she didn’t  throw in another 1.5 mile tempo effort  at mile 9.5. I was pumped to nail the tempo fairly late in the long run game, and pleased with how strong I felt, but you best believe I ran that final cool down mile at roughly the pace of our cute little Salty snail logo.

Cheers to a great week of training! Looking forward to stepping back a little to rest up for a big mile road race this weekend. My first mile race since high school!  If all goes according to plan, 32 year-old Wasabi will be shattering High School Wasabi’s sorry mile PR into oblivion! 5:59 or bust!

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