Vanilla’s Training Log: 8-3-14 to 8-16-14

Cheers, everyone!  Hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of summer!  Fall races are on the horizon!  Here to another great two weeks of training!

8/3:  IRONMAN BOULDER!  SPECTATOR!! I woke at 4:00 a.m. with my husband to head to the swim start with him.  I watched the swim, then had a break for about 4 hours while he was on the bike.  I was able to get in a 3 mile run and lift before heading back out to watch the bike finish and the run.  I wish I had worn my Garmin to track how much I ran back/forth all day chasing him around.  In some spots, I was sprinting!  He had an amazing finish in 10:57 on a very hot day (about 90 at the finish).  We made it back home for him to clean up and attempt to eat solid food, and then we headed back out at 10 p.m. to watch the finish.  We were both so tired, but watching the last hours of an Ironman finish is amazing, and if you ever have the chance to watch–do it!

8/4: Super easy 4 + miles with some strides at the end.  Slept in until 8:00 since we were out late the day before.  Took the day off work to hang out with my hubby, who took 3 naps and recovered all day.

8/5:  Decided to try some hill repeats on the bike.  There’s a road called Middle Fork about 5 miles from home, and it’s a steady climb with switchbacks up nearly 2 miles.  Was able to do this roundtrip 3x, then bike home.  Definitely a different type of workout since my speed ranged from 6 mph to 25 mph!  Later, I ran 3.5 miles in 26:47 back to work after taking Lucy home.

8/6: Easy run at lunch:  6.15 miles in just over 49 minutes–surprised at the quick pace.  2,100m swim in the evening.

8/7:  21 mile ride in the morning.  Total of 7.5 miles running to work, then a few miles after with some Newton runners.

8/8: WORKOUT!  10x 90″ with the goal of getting under goal 5K pace.  Started conservatively around 6:40, then getting under 6:20 towards the end.  No more than 1:15 rest in between.  Total of 6.25 miles in 45 minutes!  1250m swim and weights in the evening.

8/9:  40 mile ride followed by 4.5 miles @ 34:55.  Weights later in the evening.

The history of the ironman...  I've also heard that this was thought up over a few drinks....
The history of the ironman… I’ve also heard that this was thought up over a few drinks….

8/10:  Leadville 10K!  Headed to Leadville (about 2 hours southwest from Boulder) to run the 10K.  Leadville is just over 10,000 ft, and the course is out/back–downhill then uphill.  I ran with 2 other friends, and we just went at our own pace since we didn’t know what to expect with the altitude.  Surprisingly, I managed just over 50 minutes with all but the last 2 miles just around or under 8:00.  My lungs really started to burn at 4.5 miles going up 2 steep hills.  To give you perspective… mile 4 was 7:57, mile 5 was 8:40 and mile 6 was 8:43!  It was great fun, and they gave each finisher a ceramic coffee mug.

8/11:  4.1 miles easy at lunch–legs were moving slow after the 10K.  Weights, followed by 1,000m swim in the evening.

8/12:  23.8 miles ride in the morning.  (Very slow).  Ran back to work after taking Lucy home from the office.  3.8 miles total @ 7;39 average with 4 x 15″ strides at the end.

8/13:  WORKOUT!  15′ warm-up followed by 2-4 mins x 5.  Targeted goal 5K pace for the 2 minutes and goal half marathon pace for the 4 mins.  Total of 8.40 miles (including warm-up, rest, cool down) in 1 hour!  I did this workout many times during Boston training, but never this fast!  A confidence booster!  The OC athlete mentality kicked in, and I headed to the gym after work to lift and swim 2,000m.  Sometimes, I get crazy!

8/14:  23 + miles in the morning and lifted.  Went to happy hour after work.  Enough said!

8/15:  Woke up and planned a 3-3.5 mile tempo workout, but I fell asleep for 45 minutes after my alarm went off.  Being stubborn, I tried to do the workout anyway, but I bagged it at one mile–literally one mile.  I felt awful!  Later, around lunch time, I went out for 4 miles.  My Garmin died, so I relied on the mile markers along the creek path and salvaged a run for the day.  Ended the day with 1,800m swim with a pick-up every 5th 50m.

8/16:  Double brick!  Biked one of my favorite loops of 26.5 miles, then ran 4 miles immediately after.  Did this twice.  Somehow, I managed to run 8:00 miles despite the 90 degree temps and blazing sunshine.  I did my best to stay hydrated, but I still didn’t pee until almost dinner time!  I tagged along with my husband at the gym and lifted for a few minutes in the afternoon, but spent most of the time laying out by the pool while he swam laps!


10,000 meters at 10,000 feet in the charming mining town of Leadville, CO!
10,000 meters at 10,000 feet in the charming mining town of Leadville, CO!


Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

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