Vanilla’s Training Log 3-24-13

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Ok, so I am a few days late posting my log from last week!  The days have gotten away from me, and things have been super busy at work.  Despite all of that, I was able to get in a great week of training.  I was just shy of my goal of 50 miles, but a shorter long run this week, and shift to tri-training are good reasons!  I am trying to find a good balance of running miles and tri-training.

Sunday:  15 mile long run, nice and easy, but  tough for the last 20 minutes as the winds kicked up.

Monday:  Easy 3.75 miles at lunch.  Watchless–perfect!

Tuesday:  Bike trainer workout and weights.  Easy run at lunch of 4.25 miles.

Wednesday:  6*3mins as a workout.  6 miles in the evening as part of coaching.

Thursday:  Swim of 2,000 yards in the morning along with some weights.  Easy, watchless run at lunch of 5.5 miles.  I love my lunchtime easy runs!  (Plus, working for a running shoe company makes it easy to head out for an easy run with no questions asked)!

Friday:  Weights and swim of 2,400 yards.

Saturday:  10″ of snow forced an inside workout for the day.  One hour easy on the bike trainer, followed by an hour on the treadmill (7.55 miles).

Weekly Totals:

Running:  48.6 miles

Biking:  2 hours (bike trainer)

Swimming:  4,400 yards  (2.5 miles)

Weights:  2 hours


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